How to write an elevator pitch?


Ideally, your pitch should run about 30 seconds long, a […]

Ideally, your pitch should run about 30 seconds long, and your longest elevator pitch should only go for a minute. That’s a short amount of time to make an impression, but that’s what it takes when competing against a large number of people.

That said, you’ll start with much more content and switch the details around like putting a puzzle together. You’ll find pieces work in certain discussions that don’t work in others, and it may take trial and error to find what works best for you. Make friends with flexibility, and variate your pitch depending on the different people you meet.

Your pitch isn’t a summary of your resume — remain relevant to keep them interested, and you won’t be the one asking for a business card. Give them something to remember you by but don’t ramble and don’t push too hardmachine roomless passenger elevator. Be sure to prepare in advance, such as checking out who will be speaking, gleaning the event schedule, and arriving early to get acquainted with the environment.

Jot down ideas as they come to you and hang on to your notes. Index cards are helpful, and you can move them around. You can also use an index card app to organize your pitch for effective storytelling — with the options right at your fingertips.

Practice with a friend over coffee, slipping in bits of your pitch into the conversation. You’ll soon become a networking ninja with the ability to naturally and authentically variate and introduce your pitch into a talk — even about the weather. It’s important to utilize your pitch in this fashion because you’re competing with others, and they’re all around you.

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