The structural composition and internal structure of the rail-mounted freight elevator


Rail-type elevators, also called rail-chain elevators, […]

Rail-type elevators, also called rail-chain elevators, are different from the previous elevators, and are a very widely used special equipment for cargo transportation. It is a kind of hydraulic lifting equipment that generates power through the power system of the pump station, and relies on the oil cylinder to drive the heavy chain and the oil wire rope for vertical lifting motion. As the hydraulic system is used as the power unit, it has the advantages of stable lifting, large load capacity, and no partial load.
The structure of the product
  The components of the rail type lift freight elevator mainly include three parts: lifting device, rail device and belt changing device. Let's introduce the role of these three parts in the device. With a clearer understanding of the operation of the product, it will be easier for customers to operate and use the equipment by themselves.
   1. Lifting device. The lifting device is mainly the core part of the whole lifting freight elevatorSafe Elevators Suppliers, which is mainly used to suspend the lifted goods;
   2. Rail device. The main function of the track device is to provide a lifting trajectory so that the elevator freight elevator runs according to the established trajectory. The function of this device is well understood. Customers who have seen the train running can understand the role of the track device. With this device, the operation of the freight elevator is smoother and safer;
   3. Belt change device. The main function of the belt changer is to switch tracks. It is used to switch the track when the elevator is going through the door.
   Through the above, we have learned that the lifting device is the core part of the freight elevator, so let me introduce it in detail
  The internal structure of the lifting device:
  The internal structure of the lifting device is mainly composed of a gear mechanism, a bracket, a worm gear, a guide mechanism, and a boom. The gear mechanism mainly includes large and small gears, a winding wheel, a middle shaft, and a safety device composed of a stop buckle and a torsion spring.

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