What is the cause of the loss of control of the lifting platform?


When using the lifting platform, there are often some u […]

When using the lifting platform, there are often some uncontrollable factors that cause the equipment to fail to rise and fall. We call this equipment abnormality. Generally, these problems are caused by external reasons or the equipment itself malfunctions. Here we summarize the abnormal problems that often occur in hydraulic lifting platforms, so that customers can refer to them when problems occur!
1. The multi-cylinder scissor table suddenly tilts. Please check whether the cylinder is normal and whether the bracket is bent by external force. At the same time, you need to carefully check whether the oil pipe is blocked by foreign matter, causing asynchrony.Freight Lifts
2. Power supply problems. If the power supply is unstable or suddenly cut off, the equipment cannot rise and fall. In severe cases, the equipment circuit will burn out or the motor will malfunction. In this case, professional business personnel are required to perform repairs, and customers must not disassemble the equipment privately.

3. If the equipment cannot reach the rated height, you can check what is blocking the stroke, or whether the hydraulic equipment has a leaking position, causing the equipment oil pressure to fail to reach.
4. The high-altitude operation equipment shakes greatly when it is raised. Please check whether the support feet are unstable in movement and whether the support arms are caused by lack of lubricating oil.

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