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    Our products are sold to more than 70+ countries and regions.

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    We have a large production team, and professional R & D team.

Global Project


Best Center-St Peterburg-Russia 1


Best Center-St Peterburg-Russia 2


Pala Group, Tbilisi, Georgia


Shopping Mall, Novosibirsk,Russia

Latin America


Latin America


Asia (Southeast Asia, East Asia)

ICON SIAM Shopping Mall, Bangkok, Thailand

Asia (Southeast Asia, East Asia)

international Plaza, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Asia (Southeast Asia, East Asia)

Porto de Melaka-Malacca-Malaysia

Asia (Southeast Asia, East Asia)

TERMINAL 21 Shopping Mall-Pattaya-Thailand

Intelligent Elevator System

Redefines The Industry Model Of  The Elevator

  • 01

    Intelligent Customization

    Tenau elevator keeps on creating values for customers out of their expectations and tries to reach their higher demands with high-end customized services, so that customers can fully realize autonomous configuration, individual decoration and other allocation. plans.

  • 02

    Intelligent Production

    Depending on the industrial 4.0 manufacturing system, Tenau Elevator realizes the intelligent production and the tracking system for the quality of the elevators, to make sure to manage the product quality and the administration.

  • 03

    Intelligent Interaction

    Not only limited to the carrier space, Tenau Elevator will integrate more intelligent interaction experiences, thus the elevator will be made playable, watchable and interactive.

  • 04

    Intelligent Service

    Utilizing internet and IOT to establish the intelligent service system, Tenau Elevator will provide remote services for customers at anytime and anywhere and solve problems for the users.

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