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  • Passenger Elevator

    Passenger Elevator

    Tenau passenger elevators with small machine room have improved their performance by reducing area o...

  • Panoramic elevator

    Panoramic elevator

    Elegant structure with limitless scenic views Tenau sightseeing elevator adheres to the design prin...

  • Freight Elevator

    Freight Elevator

    Considerate designing This elevator is specifically designed for the transportation of cargoes, wit...

  • Car Elevator

    Car Elevator

    In the modern city, there are more and more cars. To solve the difficulty of parking, TENAU uses its...

  • Hospital Elevator

    Hospital Elevator

    High safety standard with sincere care Tenau high-quality medical elevator is developed on basis of...

  • Home Elevator

    Home Elevator

    Let’s construct a happy and harmonious life!Machine roomless intensive design, "electric home applia...

  • Escalator Summary

    Escalator Summary

    Urban flavor, charm scene TENAU serial escalators fully apply novel materials and advanced domestic...

  • Moving Walk Summary

    Moving Walk Summary

    As easy as in smooth ground, the everlasting popular design & qualityTENAU moving walk elevates ...

  • Passenger Elevator

    Passenger Elevator

    Professional Machine roomless passenger elevators companyTenau machine roomless passenger elevators ...

  • Panoramic Elevator

    Panoramic Elevator

    ATTRACTIVE & POPULAR TENAU Elevator sends out leaders' demeanor.It comes from innovative streng...

  • Freight Elevator

    Freight Elevator

    Vertical cargo transportation TENAU machine roomless freight elevators are in compact structure, ad...

  • Car Elevator

    Car Elevator

    In the modern city, there are more and more cars. To solve the difficulty of parking, TENAU uses its...


Tenau Elevator (China) Co., Ltd is a Residential Elevators Company and Residential Elevators Manufacturers, as a professional China Residential Elevators manufacturing enterprise, Our aim is to provide the market and the customers with customized solutions,we was born for the international market, originated from Germany, and has been deep in the market of many countries. It has owned amount of certificates such as Russian EAC, Korean KC, Australian AS1735,our lift company has its own world-leading R & D technology to manufacture the core component, such as Traction Machine, Automatic Door Operator, Control System, Lift Car, etc,For any new lift of the customers,we will communicate with customers professionally,listen to the views of customers and give useful suggestions for developing the Product.


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Industry knowledge about this item

Residential elevators are elevators that are installed in private homes to provide convenient and accessible vertical transportation between floors. They are typically smaller than commercial elevators and are designed to fit in the limited space of a residential building.
Residential elevators come in a variety of styles and sizes, ranging from traditional hydraulic elevators to more modern, machine-room-less models. They can be installed in new construction or retrofitted into existing homes.
Residential elevators are typically equipped with safety features such as automatic doors, emergency stop buttons, phone systems, and backup power systems to ensure the safety of the occupants. Some models are also equipped with accessibility features such as wheelchair ramps, low-level floors, and access controls.
Residential elevators can provide a number of benefits to homeowners, including increased accessibility for those with mobility limitations, improved safety, and increased home value. They can also provide a convenient and efficient way to transport heavy items between floors.

Types of residential elevators:

Hydraulic elevators: These elevators use hydraulic fluid to lift and lower the elevator car. They are suitable for low-rise buildings and can be installed in a pit or machine room.
Traction elevators: These elevators use ropes or chains to lift and lower the elevator car. They are suitable for tall buildings and can be installed in a machine room.
Pneumatic elevators: These elevators use air pressure to lift and lower the elevator car. They are suitable for small buildings and do not require a machine room or pit.
Stairlift elevators: These elevators are designed to be installed on a staircase and use a motorized chair to lift and lower the passenger. They are suitable for individuals with mobility issues or disabilities.
Inclined platform lift elevators: These elevators are designed to lift and lower the passenger along an incline. They are suitable for individuals with mobility issues or disabilities and can be installed indoors or outdoors.
Dumbwaiter elevators: These elevators are small, manually operated elevators designed to transport food and other items between floors.

Advantages of residential elevators :

Convenience: Residential elevators provide a convenient and safe way to move between floors, especially for individuals with mobility issues or disabilities.
Increased home value: Residential elevators can increase the value of a home, making it more attractive to potential buyers.
Improved accessibility: Residential elevators can improve accessibility for individuals with mobility issues or disabilities, making it easier for them to move around their homes.
Space-saving: Residential elevators can be designed to take up minimal space, making them suitable for homes with limited floor space.
Customizable: Residential elevators can be customized to match the interior design of a home, including floor finishes, wall coverings, and lighting.
Safety: Residential elevators are equipped with safety features such as emergency brakes, automatic doors, and intercom systems to ensure the safety of passengers.

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