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,TENAU ELEVATOR (CHINA) Co., Ltd., located in Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, is a wholly–owned investment company by SUZHOU DIAO Elevator Co., Ltd. in 2012, which is specially aimed at the overseas market. TENAU is close to Shanghai, only one hour away by car.
During the initial set-up stage, TENAU has already had professional elevator and escalator production lines, fully automatic panel production equipment - salvagnini, and employed more than 300 people.
  • 24yrs

    24 years experience in elevator project

  • 70+

    Our products are sold to more than 70+ countries and regions

  • 1000+

    We have a large production team, R & D team

  • 10Billion

    Our factory has a total investment of more than 10 billion.

  • 5000002

    500000² square meters of factory area

  • 200+

    We have more than 200 patents for inventions

Intelligent Elevator SystemRedefines The Industry Model Of The Elevator
  • Intelligent CustomizationTenau elevator keeps on creating values for customers out of their expectations and tries to reach their higher demands with high-end customized services, so that customers can fully realize utonomous configuration, individual decoration and other allocation plans.

  • Intelligent ProductionDepending on industrial 4.0 manufacturing system,Tenau Elevator realizes the intelligent production and the tracking system for the quality of the elevators, so as to make sure to manage the product quality and the administration.

  • Intelligent InteractionNot only limited to the carrier space, Tenau Elevator will integrate more intelligent interaction experiences, thus the elevator will be made playable, watchable and interactive.

  • Intelligent ServiceUtilizing internet and IOT to establish the intelligent service system, Tenau Elevator will provide renrote services for customers at anytime and anywhere and solve problems for the users.

Application AreaProvide perfect product solutions of Tenau Elevator for various building types and customer demands.
  • Urban passenger flow traffic solutions plan
    Office building
    Public transit
    Shopping center
    Public building
  • High speed elevator
  • Small machine room passenger elevator
  • machine roomless passenger elevator
  • Freight elevator
  • Bed elevator
  • Panoramic elevator
  • Home elevator
  • Car elevator
  • Dumbwaiter elevator
  • Escalator / Moving walk
Media CenterChina Best Tenau Elevator will provide all-round, high-quality and thoughtful service experiences.
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Unadulterated Germany descent, pure Germany quality

Tenau elevator inherits the manufacturing connotations of the industry for a century in Germany and stands on the leading industrial altitude in the world. It breaks through the development attitude of the enterprise, guides the industrial development unceasingly and insists on providing customers with the high quality elevator products and services.

  • 1Connotations of Germary
    for a Century
  • 2Technological
  • 3Top High Speed
  • 4Tenau Eagle Plan
  • 5Top Service
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