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Tenau Elevator (China) Co., Ltd is a Escalator And Moving Walkways Company and Escalator And Moving Walkways Suppliers, as a professional China Escalator And Moving Walkway manufacturing enterprise, Our aim is to provide the market and the customers with customized solutions,we was born for the international market, originated from Germany, and has been deep in the market of many countries. It has owned amount of certificates such as Russian EAC, Korean KC, Australian AS1735,our lift company has its own world-leading R & D technology to manufacture the core component, such as Traction Machine, Automatic Door Operator, Control System, Lift Car, etc,For any new lift of the customers,we will communicate with customers professionally,listen to the views of customers and give useful suggestions for developing the Escalator And Moving Walkway.
  • Escalator Summary

    Urban flavor, charm scene TENAU serial escalators fully apply novel materials and advanced domestic...

  • Moving Walk Summary

    As easy as in smooth ground, the everlasting popular design & qualityTENAU moving walk elevates ...

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