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Moving Walk Summary

Moving Walk Summary

As easy as in smooth ground, the everlasting popular design & qualityTENAU moving walk elevates the shopping to a newly concise and comfortable realm. It not only satisfies the conveying problem of large passenger flow but also meets the requirements of long-distance walk, carrying luggage cart, baby's cart, shopping cart, the vehicle for the handicapped, etc. It is greatly convenient for people’s outing and shopping.

Advanced Technology

  • Trouble indicator

    Accurately displays the location of the trouble, which increases the efficiency of repair and maintenance. With illumination for the steps, passengers are reminded of safety from time to time.

  • Vertical hoister

    Realizing high transmission efficiency, with tow noise, PLC controlled fully automatic lubrication prolongs the service life of the transmitting chains.

  • VF control and automatic sensed starting & braking technology

    Effectively raising the energy utilization rate, saving energy up to 40%.

  • VF driver energy-saving design

    VVVF system is used for energy saving, which reduces the energy consumption during operation and elevates the efficiency of functioning, realizing great energy-saving, setting up a model for environmental protection.

  • Simple and esthetic design

    The outlook is designed to suit the modern esthetic eyes, with diversified handrail belts and fencing boards available for your choice. The dynamic outline gives rhythm of the urbanity, providing an attraction to public facilities such as malls, supermarkets and flyovers, etc.

  • Multiple safety protection functions

    Safety protection features are available, such as the warning line, illumination system. The strict safety device is designed in a way that exceed international standards so as to ensure safety in use.

  • Urban flavor, charm scene

    TENAU serial escalators fully apply novel materials and the advanced domestic and overseas technology for design and manufacture. The escalators have the consummate structure, elaborate stairway, delicate belt, attractive outline. They are widely applicable for large passenger flow areas such as shopping centers, supermarkets, subways, airports etc. It adds a charming mobile view for vast constructions. The large size diameter of step roller operates minimizes the noise and prolongs the product life. The truss is made of high-quality steel, with unique structure, high strength and nice anti-corruption durable features.

  • Proper and stable running, deluxe and popular design

    The overall design is concise and smooth and compatible. The advanced international craftsmanship ensures the accuracy of steps. The human-oriented handrail entrance is secured by brush. Etched stainless steel front panels are available with various varieties. The super CPU main board monitors the operation in real time. If any abnormal situation occurs, it automatically brakes and records the malfunctioning code. Customers can choose VWF control to control running speed, the energy saving performance is obvious. It can prolong product life and reduce operation cost.

Standard & Optional Function

  • Step chain-roller inbuilt(standard)

    The roller has been internally installed in the specially-designed roller step chain. It can effectively fulfill the reduction of the noise during the driving process and bring about a more smooth and quiet operation.

  • Handrail inlet(standard)

    Novel, trendy and attractive design for the entrance and exit of the handrail belt makes the escalators more live and amicable.

  • Vertical type traction machine (standard)

    Higher transmission effectiveness, lower noise and longer service hours.

  • Moving directions and failure display (standard)

    By means of observing the digital readings on the displaying plates mounted on both sides of the skirts board at the entrance and exit of the escalator (or moving walks), the maintenance work can be made promptly and easily.

  • Illumination for the passengers (standard)

    Green light softly beams out from the space between the engaged teeth of the two neighboring steps to remind the passengers to be aware of the level sections both at the entrance and exit, resulting in increased security for the passengers.

  • Emergency brake device(optional)

    The skirt board illumination arranged along side the steps1 arc moving contour makes the passengers feel more comfortable and safe.

  • Heating device(optional)

    Each escalator usually installs three heating devices. One is beside the host in the upper machine room. It mainly heats the host,The second is installed in the mid escalator. And the third is in the lower part. It mainly heats the whole escalator.

  • Variable frequency driving-VVVF (optional)

    hen there's no load, the escalator (or moving walk) moves at low speed and when the approach of a passenger is detected, it restores to the normal speed. This shows conspicuous energy saving effects, saving up to 40% of power

  • Electric automatic lubrication(optional)

    Controlled by PC, the lubricating signals are emitted after a preset period when the hydraulic pump is automatically activated to conduct the lubrication,

  • Running direction indication(optional)

    The running direction and forbidden display mark have been placed in the inlet and outlet of the handrail. The obvious running or forbidden instruction ensures the safe riding of the passengers with great ease.

Arrangement Plan

  • Single unit

    The single unit used to link two levels. It is suitable for buildings with passenger traffic flowing mainly in one direction. Flexible adjustment to traffic flow (e.g., up in the morning and down in the evening) is possible.

  • Continuous arrangement (one-way traffic)

    This arrangement is used mainly in smaller department stores to link three sales levels. It requires more space than the interrupted arrangement.

  • Interrupted arrangement (one-way traffic)

    This arrangement is somewhat inconvenient for users, but advantageous for department store owners, since the short detour to the next unit and the spatial separation between up and down travel is ideal for leading customers past strategically placed advertising displays.

  • Parallel, interrupted arrangement (two-way traffic)

    This arrangement is used mainly in department stores and public transport buildings with a heavy traffic volume. When there are three or more escalators, it should be possible to reverse the traveling direction according to the traffic flow. This arrangement is economical since no inner lateral claddings are required.

  • Crisscross, continuous arrangement (two-way traffic)

    This arrangement is used mainly in major department stores, public buildings and public transport buildings where transport times between several levels should be kept to a minimum.

Enjoy Honor And Glory Alone

Omnibearing high quality service experience

Global unified service standard and maintenance process, with more comprehensive inspection standard.


Like other means of transportation, you have to maintain your elevator regularly to ensure its security and performance, Tenau elevator can provide you exclusive service through its worldwide marketing service network, and can meet all of your requirements of service and maintenance, All-day customer service will implement from the beginning of the product life period to the end.


Client's data file one to one, formulate exclusive maintenance plan.


Tenau eye system remote monitoring elevator operation. Safety information is under control.


24-hour service team awaits orders and can make responses anytime to solve the customer's demands for the first time.


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