An Escalator Is a Fixed Electric Drive Device


An escalator is a fixed electric drive device that carr […]

An escalator is a fixed electric drive device that carries a circular motion ladder upward or downward to transport passengers. Automatic ladder is generally oblique. Walking on the escalator at one end of the escalator will automatically be taken to the other end of the escalator.
Stay level. The escalator is on either side of the escalator with the arm of the step synchronously moving, for the user to hold. Escalators can always walk in one direction, but most can be controlled by the manager, depending on the time and the flow of people. Another type of pedestrian transportation/transportation tool similar to the escalator is Automatic Sidewalk. The main difference between the two is that there are no steps on the footpath; Most will only walk on the ground, or tilt slightly.
Make up the escalator consisting of the ladder (the changing plate conveyor) and the handrail (the deformation belt conveyor) on both sides. Its main components are cascade, traction chain and sprocket, guide rail system, the main drive system (including motor, speed reducer, brake, and the middle transmission links, etc.) drive main shaft, ladder and tensioning device, skeleton, comb plate, escalator handrail system and electrical system, etc. Step by step at the entrance of the passengers, which is convenient for passengers to ascend the ladder; Near the entrance ladder gradually disappear, the steps are again horizontal movement. These movements are realized by the steps of the main wheel and the auxiliary wheel.
Escalator without strict classification method, it generally is two types of light and heavy, also have no support, according to the adornment of the escalator into clear transparent support, translucent or opaque support, outdoor use escalators and other types. According to the transport capacity, it is divided into different echelon width, lifting height and tilt Angle. Transport capacity is divided by the number of passengers transported per hour. The drive is divided into the end - driven escalator (or chain escalator) and an intermediate - driven escalator (or rack escalator). According to the pattern, there are manned ladders and large supermarkets which are suitable for the slope type of trolleys. According to the running frequency, it is divided into equal speed operation and frequency conversion (almost stop when no one is there).


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