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Let’s construct a happy and harmonious life!
Machine roomless intensive design, "electric home appliance style” energy-saving idea, all-round safety protection, maintenance-free environment protection drive, super comfortable start / stop operation.

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  • Let’s construct a happy and harmonious life!

    Machine roomless intensive design, "electric home appliance style” energy-saving idea, all-round safety protection, maintenance-free environment protection drive, super comfortable start / stop operation.

  • Intellectual control

    It applies radiation-free integrated control cabinet that combines contemporary industrial control technology with communication technology. All steel plate enclosed design shields radiation. It is convenient in maintenance. WVF variable frequency control door machine system freely adjusts door machine running curve. It is safe in operation and stable in quality.

  • Noise reducing

    It combines with low noise traction machine design, car wall triple noise-reducing technologies, running system noise-reducing design. Elevator operational noise is less than 43dB. It does not affect your famil/ s sleeping and rest

  • Smooth and comfortable

    Smooth running system is specially designed for the old. The most comfortable speed running curve, smooth and soft start / stop are more suitable for use of old people.

  • Flexible application

    It adapts to building aesthetics design, new innovative inspiration. Rich and colorful car combination satisfies your plural requirements. Meanwhile, it saves a perfect space. It brings about a freer and more flexible building space.


  • Healthy & radiation-free

    Electro-magnetic radiation produced by elevator operation does not affect your family* s health. It does not influence normal use of mobile, electric home appliance etc. It strongly resists any interference. Any electric home appliance will not affect safe operation of the elevators.

  • Trouble self-rescue system

    When there is something wrong with the elevator, it starts rapidly to ! automatically protect the elevator to safe floor. It ensures safety of your family.

  • Power-failure self-rescue system

    If power failure suddenly takes place, it automatically starts self-prepared power source. It fnsures the elevator’ s safe leveling so that your family can safely leave the elevator.

  • Emergency calling system

    If emergency matter takes place, system automatically starts elevator-operated calling button. It connects witti outside telephone. Therefore your family can seek for support from outside through voice message.

    Function table

    • Safety function

      Fault detect & rescue S
      Motor overheat protection S
      Automatic fault diagnostic S
      Inverter overheat protection S
      Over current protection S
      Over load protection S
      Anti reverse protection S
      Slip protection S
      Overrun protection S
      Main circuit fault protection S
      Door block protection S
      Entrance light curtain protection S
      Safety circuit protection S
      Change landing floor S
      Automatic adjustment after power recover S
      Emergency landing rescue O
      Rescue by telephone call O
      Running times counting S

    • Comfortable function

      Into/go out of cabin Door open button S
      Door close button S
      Light curtain protection S
      Misuse protection
      Cancel call by double click S
      Call for the other direction S
      Comfortable ride
      Illumination in cabin S
      Ventilation in cabin S
      Arrival indication S
      Optimized speed curve S
      Background music/voice announcement O
      Special function
      Handicapped function (braile buttion & voice announcement) O
      Through door control O
      Selective landing floor O
      Handicapped door open protection O

    • Control function

      Automatic door opening S
      Adjustable door open time S
      Inspection operation S
      Test operation S
      Auto home S
      Fault memory S
      Shaft information self learning S

    • Information function

      Information at landing S
      Running direction display S
      Car position display S
      Indication of registered call S
      Fault warning S
      Information in cabin
      Indication of registered call S
      Runining direction display S
      Floor number display S
      Overload warning S
      Fault warning S

    Star Level Service,Easy&Relaxinginfull course

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    • TENAU elevator, leads elevator service to the times of Internet of Things! (Optional)

      TENAU Elevator gives a full use of Internet of Things technology. It successfully researches into and develops elevator running condition on-line monitor and trouble classification graded long-distance warning system. It fulfills organic linkage between elevator running condition testing & warning and emergency repair. It grasps effective information as soon as possible. It is engaged in establishing TENAU elevator monitor and repair ecology network. It brings about the more prompt, effective, considerate, convenient TENAU services!
      Note: Extra charge is needed for this type of elevator. For details,please kindly consult TENAU Elevator Company. Thanks.

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      High quality comes from professional works. TENAU Elevator always strongly believes that good service and good elevator are equal to truly good quality. In continuous perfection, TENAU establishes well-developed service system. It takes the clients' requirements as service pursuit winning great satisfaction from broad customer as goal. In our service each time, we try our best heart and soul.
      We guarantee to provide extensive clients with the most superior and comprehensive service as soon as possible.Please have faith in us. Our service is always on the way. Safety will accompany you all the days.

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