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Panoramic Elevator

Panoramic Elevator

ATTRACTIVE & POPULAR TENAU Elevator sends out leaders' demeanor.It comes from innovative strength and excellent craft heritage from Germanic nations.It re-defines elevator by noble posture. It wins international height by remarkable speed.TENAU conquers the world and climbs summit of industrial civilization.TENAU shows purely noble blood. It leads elevator industry and composes new centurial legend.


  • Highly integrated intellectual control system

    It integrates with master control, monitor, intellectual management, black box functions, etc. according to military-industrial standard. It is concise in structure, extremely strong in anti-interference. It has highly intellectual capacity to handle any troubles. It is super powerful in systematic reliability.

  • Effective energy-saving traction machine

    It applies latest generation of permanent magnet synchronous and gearless traction machine. It saves building space by compact and concise structure. It masters environment protection trends by effective and energy-saving core technologies.

  • Safe and reliable permanent magnet synchronous door machine

    It ensures reliable operation of door machine, high precision door opening. It is quick indoor machine response speed. It shortens door opening time. It guarantees safety by advanced and intellectual properties.

  • Advanced noise-reducing technology

    Control cabinet applies low noise design with spatial car noise-reducing tech. Well running components with super low frictional coefficient can effectively absorb the noise with different frequencies. It brings about peaceful and comfortable travel.

  • Extremely low electro-magnetic radiation

    Control system of control cabinet anti-interference technology comprehensively passes electro~magnetic compatibility EMC test according to IEC255 requirements. It accords with European EN12015, EN12016 standards. It is stronger in anti-interferenc8. It will not be interfered by surrounding equipment. It ensures stable elevator operation. It is very low in electro-magnetic radiation. It reduces hurt of electro-magnetic radiation to human body to maximum degree.

  • Car absolute position control technology

    System of car absolute position control technology implements accurate monitor to car position. It precisely calculates running position. It guarantees that the passengers are in safe protections.

Control Function

  • Control function

    VVVF drive S
    VVVF drive for door operator S
    Well and floor distance self-tuning S
    Power on re-leveling S
    Micro-touch button for car S
    Car arrival chime S
    Intelligent call service O
    Pre-opening O
    The second car operation panel O
    Remote monitoring and control O
    Special floor priority service O

  • Control function

    Non-service floor setting O
    Duplex control O
    Group supervision function O
    Push hour service(for elevator group) O
    Lunch time service(for elevator group) O
    VIP service(for elevator group) O
    Continuity of service(for elevator group) O
    Automatic floor support(for elevator group) O

Function Table

  • Information function

    Full collective selective control S
    Full-load bypass S
    Main floor shut off S
    Self diagnosis of breakdown S
    Five-way communication S
    Car alarm S
    Floor and direction indicator in the car S
    Floor and direction indicator at hall S
    Voice announcement O
    Car LCD display S
    Traffic flow management (for elevator group) O
    Decentralized standby O

  • Comfortable function

    Emergency car lighting S
    Car ventilation light automatically shut off S
    Repeated door closing S
    Automatically adjust door opening time S
    Reopen with hall call S
    Express door closing S
    Car stop and door open S

  • Safety function

    Light curtain protection S
    Overload holding stop S
    Anti-nuisance S
    Traction-resistant rope sliding S
    start protection control S
    Inspection operation S
    Inching operation S
    Safety stop S
    Terminal forced deceleration protection S
    Up/down limit and terminal protection S
    Over speed protection device S
    Up over speed protection S
    Power failure emergency leveling device O
    Fire emergency return S
    Fireman running O
    Energy feedback O

Star Level Service,Easy&Relaxinginfull Course

TENAU always cares about your need and interest 365 days a year!
TENAU elevator, leads elevator service to the times of Internet of Things! (Optional)

TENAU Elevator gives full use of Internet of Things technology. It successfully researches into and develops elevator running condition on-line monitor and trouble classification graded long-distance warning system. It fulfills organic linkage between elevator running condition testing & warning and emergency repair. It grasps effective information as soon as possible. It is engaged in establishing TENAU elevator monitor and repair ecology network. It brings about the more prompt, effective, considerate, convenient TENAU services!
Note: Extra charge is needed for this type of elevator. For details, please kindly consult TENAU Elevator Company. Thanks.

We execute one-to-one full-course tracking service. Your requirements are the important.

High quality comes from professional works. TENAU Elevator always strongly believes that good service and good elevator are equal to truly good quality. In continuous perfection, TENAU establishes well-developed service system. It takes the clients' requirements as service pursuit winning great satisfaction from broad customers as goal. In our service each time, we try our heart and soul.
We guarantee to provide extensive clients with the superior and comprehensive service as soon as possible. Please have faith in us. Our service is always on the way. Safety will accompany you all the days.


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