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Car Elevator

Car Elevator

In the modern city, there are more and more cars. To solve the difficulty of parking, TENAU uses its mature elevator technology to make for cars hindrance-free transportation, vertically through a design, that considers the performance and size of various cars.

Advanced Technology

  • High intensity and experience of ease

    According to the most updated norm for Elevator Manufacturing and Installation, from the CPU control to VF speed adjusting system, from the area of the car to the selection of materials, from the functions to the details, these elevators are the ideal vertical transportation means for cargoes.

  • Safe operation

    A、The safety components such as safety damps and speed limiters are all manufactured in accordance with international codes.
    B、The rust resistance of the bottom of the car is improved, which greatly prolongs the service life of the cargo elevators.
    C、High intensity material is used to build the bottom of the car, making the large load capacity of the car and high safety that meets the requirement of transporting various types of cargoes.
    D、Precise mechanical processing, guaranteeing the best cargo transporting capabilities.

  • High-performance free transportation

    Adopting world's most updated technology, operation of the elevator is conducted under an energy saving, intelligent and safe way. The movement is steady and quality is more perfect with environmentally friendly features.
    A、The brake has a large rated braking torque, guaranteeing excellent braking performance.
    B、The specific purposed holster has super large driving force, capable of realizing steady operation under low vibration and low noise.
    C、The car frame and car are designed as per mechanic science and thickened steel board has increased load sustainability.
    D、Specific leveling technology ensuring precise floor leveling under large load, making the handling of cargoes happen as if on flat floors.
    E、Wide door opening, specifically designed for cargo transportation.

Giving Your Beloved Car

  • A safe parking place

    In the modem city, there are more and more cars. To solve the difficulty of parking, TEMAU uses its matured elevating technology to tailor make for cars a hindrance free transportation vertically through a design that considers the performance and size of various cars.
    Rated load 3T
    Save construction area 80%

  • Large load capacity

    Large area of Hie elevator car ensures a normal load capacity of over 3 tons, capable of handling various cars.

  • Convenient door opening design

    Doors are through back and front, making It easy for cars to move In and out.

  • Reliable safety device

    Safety device is mounted on the bottom of the car of the elevator, which alerts the drivers on real time basis to ensure safe operation.

  • Transportation tools

    Using advanced PC control modules, the steadiness and preciseness of bulk transportation are greatly improved,The elevator is in sturdy and unique structure, small, with practical, convenient, prompt and safe features, being the best choice for small articles transportation in hotels, banks, hospitals and malls. Standard type Ground type (Up and down directly separated) Table type (in collaboration with the production line) Window type (Up and down directly separated)

Elevator Function Table

  • Control function

    Weil and floor distance self-tuning S
    Power on re-leveling S Micro-touch button for car S
    Start protection control S
    Car arrival china O
    VVVF drive S
    VVVF drive for door operator S
    The second car operation panel 0
    Auronnatlc adjustment of door open holding time S
    Car call cancel S
    Auroiriatic running S
    Attendant running S
    Duplex control function S
    Double door control S
    IC card control O

  • Information function

    Full collective control S
    Full-load bypass S
    Main floor shut off S
    Seif diagnosis of breakdown S
    Five-way communication S
    Car's Bell S
    Floor and direction indicator in the car S
    Floor and direction indicator at hall S
    Voice announcement O
    Traffic dispatch O
    IC card control O
    Traction madiine monitor O

  • Safety function

    Light curtain protection S
    Overload aiding stop S
    Terminal forced slow-down protection S
    Up/down overrun and floral limit protection S
    Down over speed protection S
    Up over speed protection S
    Safely stop S
    Inching operation S
    Inspection operation S
    Power failure emergency leveling device O
    Anti-nuisance S
    Fire emergency return S
    Auto-landing with fault S
    Safety circuit protection S
    Doof interlock protection S
    Main contactor protection S
    Brake detecting protection S

  • Comfortable function

    Emergency car lighting S
    Gar ventilation light automatically shut off S
    Repeated door closing S
    Reopen with hall call S
    Express door dosing S
    Car stop and door open S
    Door opening line extending O
    Door close delay S

Enjoy Honor And Glory Alone

Omnibearing high quality service experience

Global unified service standard and maintenance process, with more comprehensive inspection standard.


Like other means of transportation, you have to maintain your elevator regularly to ensure its security and performance, Tenau elevator can provide you exclusive service through its worldwide marketing service network, and can meet all of your requirements of service and maintenance, All-day customer service will implement from the beginning of the product life period to the end.


Client's data file one to one, formulate exclusive maintenance plan.


Tenau eye system remote monitoring elevator operation. Safety information is under control.


24-hour service team awaits orders and can make responses anytime to solve the customer's demands for the first time.


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