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According to the "Government Procurement Information" statistics

According to the "Government Procurement Information" statistics

According to the "Government Procurement Information" statistics, in July China's elevator market procurement scale of 710 million yuan, down 27.6% from June, an increase of 54.3% from July 2017. The decline in the purchase volume of elevators in Fujian and Beijing was more obvious. The procurement scale of elevators completed in Fujian was 67.735 million yuan, a decrease of 264.28 million yuan from June and a decrease of about 80% from the previous month. Beijing only completed the purchase of elevators of 34.165 million yuan. In June, it was reduced by 116.96 million yuan, a decrease of about 76.5% from the previous month.

It can be seen from the above data that although the elevator market capacity is expanding every year, the development status of the elevator industry is not optimistic. The number of elevator manufacturers is too large, resulting in overcapacity, imbalance between supply and demand, and the elevator industry gradually entering a stable period of development. . Some enterprises were affected by the market and began to shrink their production capacity. At this time, the Guangzhou Shipyard International Elevator was in the process of reversing the market trend and relocating the new factory. The move of the Guangzhou Ship Lift made many people in the industry puzzled. Then, what is the profound significance behind Safe elevator  the relocation of the new factory of Guangzhou Shipyard International Elevator?

Increasing popularity, domestic and international market demand continues to expand

With the aging of China's population, the new urbanization construction continues to advance, the elevator renovation, the old building installation demand appears, in addition, high-rise buildings, airports, scenic spots, subway stations and other public facilities for the construction of a large number of elevators Demand is increasing day by day. At present, China has become the world's largest and fastest-growing elevator market. The number of elevators has increased year by year. By the end of 2017, China's elevators have held about 4.94 million units, and the elevator industry has exceeded 100 billion. It is expected that the new demand for elevators in China will maintain a relatively stable growth in the future.

Industry experts said: Although the Chinese real estate market has already bid farewell to the "golden period" of high-speed growth in the past, after the market adjustment, it will enter the new normal stage of steady growth. As a real estate supporting industry, the development of China's elevator industry will also enter from the high-speed growth period. The steady development period, but the launch of the affordable housing project investment plan will provide guarantee for the continued growth of the elevator industry during the economic adjustment period.

As a representative of the national-made elevator enterprises, Guangchuan Elevator has always insisted on providing customers with the most professional products and the best quality service. Since the product quality is stable and reliable, the service is efficient and high-quality, the Guangzhou Ship Lift has cooperation projects in most parts of the country. The number of cooperative customers has increased year by year. With the further expansion of the elevator market, the domestic market demand for the Guangzhou Shipyard elevator has also increased.

In addition, in order to actively respond to the national “One Belt and One Road” strategy, build a new competitive advantage in the elevator manufacturing industry, and open up overseas markets, Guangzhou Shipyard Elevator is unswervingly “going out” and launching a wider range, higher level and deeper in overseas markets. At the level of regional cooperation, with good word-of-mouth support, the international popularity is increasing day by day. Currently, it has been widely exported to Southeast Asia, West Asia, Africa, America, Australia and other places. The overseas market has begun to take shape and the sales demand has further increased.

Driven by the simultaneous growth of demand in the domestic market and overseas markets, the capacity of the old factory of the Plaza Elevator is obviously insufficient, and it is difficult to support the growing sales demand. The relocation of the new factory is imperative. According to the person in charge of the Guangzhou Ship Lift: “The new plant adopts a fully automated industrial production line, and the degree of industrialization has been further improved. The production capacity has been greatly released. The new production line can provide sufficient output support for the company and help the Guangzhou Shipyard to occupy the domestic market. Layout overseas markets."

China Shipbuilding Defense to become a large non-ship business

As a very large state-owned enterprise directly under the central government, in recent years, CSSC has adhered to the management tenet of “strengthening shipbuilding and releasing non-ships”, constantly pursuing the improvement of the overall value of the enterprise and the sustainable growth of the company from strong and large. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of CSSC, the Guangzhou Ship Lift has received strong support from CSSC.

According to the person in charge of China Shipbuilding Defense, according to the overall plan of China Shipbuilding Defense, Guangchuan Elevator has completed the relocation of the new factory, and the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise is a vital part of the next development strategy of CSSC. To this end, CSSC provides a wide range of support for the Guangzhou Shipyard elevator.

In terms of funds, CSSC has increased capital of 89 million for Guangzhou Shipyard Elevator, including 20 million in cash and 69 million in plant assets. In terms of technology, CSSC has industry-leading electromechanical technology and technical resources of high-end power electromechanical equipment manufacturing enterprises, which can give strong support to the technical level of Guangzhou Shipyard Elevator. At the same time, CSSC is also constantly delivering high-level scientific and technological talents to Guangzhou Shipyard Elevator, helping Guangzhou Shipyard Elevator to make breakthroughs and improvements in the research and development of new products and elevator energy-saving safety.

With the financial support, resource tilt, technical assistance and talent transportation provided by CSSC, the competitiveness of Guangzhou Shipyard's elevator market is expected to be further enhanced, which will bring new profit contribution points to CSSC's defense and help China Shipbuilding Defense Development. Market, do non-shipping business, develop diversified industries, and enhance the overall value of the group.

Guangzhou Shipyard International Elevator is based on the future and is doing a good job of “curving over the curve”

In recent years, as the development of the elevator industry has entered a mature stage, GSI International Elevator has created a new profit growth point in order to adapt to the market development. The Group's development strategy is based on the market, service and products in the long run, based on the future. "Curve overtaking", for the future development.

In terms of market, the leaders of Guangzhou Shipyard International Elevator started from the actual situation of the enterprise, seized the opportunity of “One Belt and One Road” and put forward the strategic layout of “taking point and face”. Now the market layout of Guangzhou Shipyard International Northwest-Huazhong-South China-Southwest three-dimensional has been preliminary. form. The person in charge of the Guangzhou Shipyard International Elevator Market Department commented: “Guangzhou Shipyard International Lift has established a good market accumulation in Guangzhou, Guangxi, Henan, Chongqing and other places. In the past, due to the limitation of production capacity, the Group’s point The strategic development plan of “Fujian” has been slow to advance. Now, after the relocation of the new plant, the release of production capacity will play an important role in promoting the Group’s next strategic development of “point-to-face, point-to-face combination”.

In terms of services, as the elevator market shifts to emerging markets such as retrofitting, transformation, and Internet of Things, the elevator industry enterprises are more inclined to provide comprehensive service solutions for customers. The Special Equipment Safety Law stipulates that the installation, modification and repair of the elevator must be carried out by the elevator manufacturing unit or the unit entrusted by it to obtain the corresponding permission in accordance with this Law. In the context of national policy support and the surge in elevator ownership, the elevator aftermarket, characterized by maintenance and installation, has become an important strategy for the sustainable development of elevator industry enterprises.

In order to better adapt to the market demand, Guangzhou Shipyard International Co., Ltd. actively promotes service industrialization, provides users with perfect after-sales service, and implements integrated service of elevator production, sales, installation and maintenance, including transportation, installation, commissioning, testing and regular Maintenance, and sent a professional team to track the products sold to ensure coherent, efficient and high quality after-sales service. The relocation of the new factory is a catalyst for the transformation of the Guangzhou-China International Elevator from the traditional manufacturing industry to the modern service industry and the advanced manufacturing industry. It is of great significance to the Guangzhou Shipyard International Elevator to continue to deploy the elevator market.

In terms of products, with the continuous acceleration of the construction of smart cities, the intelligentization of elevators in China has also developed rapidly. The intelligent manufacturing genes possessed by elevator enterprises provide the industrial foundation and breakthrough direction for business transformation. Most of the domestic elevator production processes have been automated, and the integration of the Internet of Things and the manufacturing capabilities of elevator enterprises has entered the field of intelligent manufacturing, which is the development trend of the elevator industry in the future.

The new factory of Guangzhou Shipyard International Co., Ltd. adopts a fully automated industrial production line, which lays out the information field of elevator informationization and intelligence. It focuses on the sub-sectors such as installation, transformation and Internet of things in the elevator market, and takes the road of intelligent and materialized intelligent manufacturing. In addition, elevator Internet of Things technology and information supervision play an important role in improving elevator safety. The person in charge of the Guangzhou Ship Lift said that the real-time security monitoring can be carried out through the elevator Internet of Things technology to realize automatic fault alarm and prevent the occurrence of elevator accidents. After the relocation of the new plant, Guangchuan Elevator will continue to deepen the technology, improve the level of elevator Internet of Things technology, ensure the safety of users riding the ladder, and promote the safety construction of the elevator industry.

In summary, the relocation of the new ship of Guangzhou Shipyard is a result of various reasons, which is of great significance for promoting the development of the elevator industry. It is worth noting that the current downstream market of elevators in China is greatly affected by the national macroeconomic environment, the fixed assets investment of the whole society and the real estate policy. Affected by the previous policy adjustments, the growth rate of China's real estate market has slowed down, and the elevator market has entered a period of stable growth due to the sluggish downstream real estate market. In the adversity of industry development, as one of the representatives of the domestic elevator brand, the relocation of the new factory of Guangzhou Shipyard Elevator is of great significance to the rise of the domestic elevator brand. The action of the Guangzhou Ship Lift indicates that Chinese elevator manufacturers are not only good at developing in good times, but also good at growing up in adversity. The domestic elevator brand represented by Guangzhou Shipyard Elevator will have more opportunities to usher in new development opportunities in the future. China's elevator industry will also form a three-legged industry competition pattern of foreign capital, joint ventures and domestic brands in the future.

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