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Municipal and county people's governments

Municipal and county people's governments

Municipal and county people's governments, various departments of the provincial government, and various directly affiliated institutions:

The quality and safety of elevators are related to the safety of people's lives and property and the stability of economic and social development. In order to implement the "Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on Strengthening the Quality and Safety of Elevators" (Guo Ban Fa [2018] No. 8), to ensure the safety of people's passengers and travel convenience, with the consent of the provincial government, the work on elevator quality and safety  Safe elevator will be further strengthened. The notice is as follows:

First, clear the elevator quality and safety work requirements

All localities and departments should take the approach of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics as the guide, comprehensively implement the spirit of the 19th Party Congress, adhere to the development ideology centered on the people, firmly establish and implement the new development concept, in accordance with the requirements of high quality development. Further strengthen the awareness of quality and safety, adhere to the basic principles of serving the people, supervising according to law, reform and innovation, and diversified governance, focusing on the implementation of the main responsibility of the production and use units, and using scientific supervision as a means to prevent and reduce accidents and reduce the failure rate. Constantly improve the quality and safety of elevators, let the people ride safely and take the ladder to meet the people's growing needs for a better life. By 2020, efforts will be made to form an elevator quality and safety work system with sound regulations and standards, clear safety responsibilities, effective work measures, perfect supervision mechanism, and social participation, and establish a complete elevator emergency rescue service platform. The elevator quality and safety situation will continue to be stable. Well, the number of elevators and the number of deaths in the elevators are better than the national average.

Second, strengthen elevator quality and safety management

(1) Strengthen the quality control of manufacturing and installation.

When designing the elevator installation, the construction engineering design unit shall strictly implement the standard specification requirements such as “House Design Code” (GB50096) and “Safety Code for Elevator Manufacturing and Installation” (GB7588). (Provincial housing and urban construction departments take the lead, provincial quality supervision departments and other departments are responsible for division of work) Encourage elevator manufacturing units to increase independent innovation, develop and adopt enterprise standards higher than national standards, and actively carry out elevator brand creation and quality improvement activities. (Responsible for the provincial quality supervision department) Elevator installation, transformation and repair units must strictly follow the safety technical specifications and the construction process provided by the manufacturing unit, strengthen the quality control of the construction process, implement the safety protection measures at the construction site, and eliminate “illegal command and illegal operation”. Violation of labor discipline and other violations. (Provincial housing and urban construction, quality supervision, safety supervision and other departments are responsible for the division of responsibilities)

(2) Strengthening the use and maintenance management.

In accordance with the requirements of “one ladder and one file”, the elevator use unit shall establish elevator safety technical files, do daily inspection, maintenance supervision and emergency disposal, and keep the emergency alarm device of the elevator valid for 24 hours. When the elevator use unit changes, the original use unit and the current use unit shall confirm the elevator quality and safety status and improve the handover procedures. Actively promote the concept of “maximizing life cycle safety and optimizing costs”, and implement the “Elevator Equipment + Maintenance Service” integrated procurement model to explore professional and large-scale elevator management methods. Promote the transformation of maintenance mode, promote on-demand maintenance according to law, and promote new modes such as “all-inclusive maintenance” and “Internet of Things + maintenance”. Strengthen the quality supervision and inspection of maintenance quality, and comprehensively improve the quality of maintenance. (Responsible for the provincial quality supervision department)

(3) Strengthening the management and renewal of hidden dangers.

The municipal people's governments shall establish a “one-four-four-system” management system for the management of hidden dangers of elevators, establish a list of hidden dangers for “three no-lifts” without property management, maintenance and repair funds, and elevators with major accidents, and implement hidden danger management tasks. Coordination system, account system, sales number system, and notification system management, clarify the hidden danger management responsibility unit, the delivery unit, the coordination supervision unit and the completion time limit; regularly schedule and record the progress of the governance, and establish management accounts one by one; After the rectification is completed, if the inspection or acceptance is qualified, the sales number shall be notified; the overdue unfinished management tasks shall be notified, and the listing supervision shall be implemented to ensure that the hidden dangers are effectively managed. It is necessary to promote the construction of six mechanisms for elevator risk search, judgment, early warning, prevention, disposal, and responsibility, formulate relevant policies for renovation and renovation of old residential elevators, solidly carry out safety assessment of old residential elevators, and smoothly clear channels for housing maintenance funds. In the absence of maintenance funds, the fund-raising mechanism will promote the renovation and renovation of old residential elevators. (Responsible for the municipal governments)

Third, innovative elevator quality and safety management mode

In order to reduce the elevator failure rate, relying on the "Internet + quality supervision" work platform, accelerate the construction of elevator early warning forecast and information supervision platform, build an elevator safety public information service platform, and establish elevator quality with failure rate and service life as the main indicators. The safety evaluation system will gradually establish a quality and safety traceability system for the whole life cycle of elevators, and realize problems can be investigated, responsibilities can be traced, and social supervision can be exerted. (The provincial quality supervision department takes the lead, and the provincial economy and informationization departments are responsible for the division of responsibilities according to their responsibilities.) Actively strive to carry out pilot projects to adjust the elevator inspection cycle, and strengthen and standardize self-testing. (The provincial quality supervision department is responsible for the study and introduction of policies to promote the installation of elevators in existing residential buildings with conditions. (The provincial housing and urban construction department takes the lead, the provincial quality supervision department and other departments are responsible for the division of labor), innovate the insurance mechanism, optimize the development of the new "insurance + service" model, play the insurance accident compensation and risk prevention role, and promote the elevator use management and maintenance level Upgrade. (Provincial Quality Supervision, Government Financial Department, Anhui Insurance Regulatory Bureau shall be responsible for the division of responsibilities)

Fourth, improve the elevator emergency rescue system

Governments at all levels should incorporate elevator emergency rescue into the local emergency rescue system, establish an elevator emergency rescue public service platform, and coordinate and coordinate the emergency rescue work of the elevator. (Responsible for the municipal people's governments) Using information technology such as big data and Internet of Things to strengthen statistical analysis of elevator fault data and timely issue elevator safety risk warning. (The provincial quality supervision department is responsible for) promoting the coverage of public mobile communication signals in the elevator car, providing reliable communication guarantee for timely alarm and timely rescue. (Provincial communication management department takes the lead, the provincial housing and urban construction, quality supervision and other departments are responsible for the division of responsibilities)


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