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The "Opinions" clarify that the elevator manufacturing

The "Opinions" clarify that the elevator manufacturing

Colorful Guizhou Network News (This reporter should be Teng Teng) On August 7, the reporter learned from the Guizhou Provincial Government Network that in order to further strengthen the province's elevator quality and safety work, to ensure the people's passenger safety and travel convenience, with the consent of the provincial people's government, The General Office of the Provincial Government issued the “Implementation Opinions on Strengthening the Quality and Safety of Elevators”.

The "Opinions" pointed out that by 2020, the province will strive to form an elevator quality and safety work system with strong enforcement of laws and regulations, clear safety responsibilities, effective work measures, perfect supervision mechanism, and social participation, and realize the whole process of big data supervision and elevator quality. The safety level has been comprehensively improved, the safety situation has continued to be stable, and the death rate of elevators in Wantai is lower than the national average. At least one county (city, district, special zone) in each city (state) has built a provincial elevator safety management demonstration zone. .

The "Opinions" clarify that the elevator manufacturing enterprises should fully implement the quality and safety responsibilities, and do a good job in tracking and monitoring, technical support and spare parts supply. Supervise and guide the relevant units to strengthen the safety management of elevators and regularly carry out the investigation of hidden dangers of elevator safety. The key listings supervise the “three no elevators” without property management, maintenance and repair funds, and elevators with serious accidents, strictly implement the rectification responsibility, eliminate hidden dangers and risks in time, and ensure that the annual average hazard rate is controlled within 5%.

In addition, the establishment of elevators management and maintenance (hereinafter referred to as maintenance) standardization system, the implementation of elevator periodic inspection and use registration management regulations to ensure that the regular inspection rate and use registration rate is above 95%. Accelerate the improvement of the application function of the special equipment supervision and management platform in Guizhou Province, and strengthen the information technology such as big data and Internet of Things in elevator production and operation, use management, maintenance, inspection and testing, safety assessment, supervision and inspection, emergency response, fault analysis, liability insurance, etc. The application of the aspect, the construction of the whole process of the elevator quality and safety chain of custody and traceability system, to achieve problems can be investigated, disposal of traces, responsibility can be studied.

In terms of liability insurance, according to the conditions of elevator growth, risk level and safety management, optimize the allocation of elevator inspection and testing resources to ensure the effective implementation of the statutory inspection duties of elevators. Support elevator inspection and testing institutions to further improve the level of technical equipment and expand  Safe elevator inspection and testing projects. Strictly implement the safety insurance system for special equipment safety, and guide the production, use management and maintenance of elevators to actively insure elevator safety liability insurance. Encourage insurance institutions to develop elevator safety liability insurance that meets the actual needs of the insured unit in accordance with the principle of “guaranteeing the minimum profit”.

Encourage and support independent innovation of elevator manufacturing enterprises, provide high-quality products and services higher than national standards, and promote the transformation of elevator manufacturing enterprises from manufacturing to innovative and service-oriented enterprises. In the sound of the elevator quality and safety social governance mechanism, to create a provincial elevator safety management demonstration zone as the starting point, relying on the Guizhou Province special equipment supervision and management platform, to build a unified government leadership, departmental supervision, corporate initiative, inspection and testing institutions Technical support and social participation in the elevator safety management social governance mechanism.

The "Opinions" clarify that elevator emergency rescue is included as an important content in all levels of emergency rescue system, and an elevator emergency rescue and disposal contract maintenance unit, grid maintenance unit, and fire protection unit three-level rescue response mechanism are established to jointly carry out elevator emergency rescue to ensure The arrival time of rescue workers in the main city and central city does not exceed 30 minutes, and other districts and counties generally do not exceed one hour.

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