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Usually, do people first look at their makeup

Usually, do people first look at their makeup

[Epoch Times, December 07, 2017] As high-rise buildings continue to rise, we may go up and down more than a dozen high-rise buildings every day, so the elevator has become an indispensable part of life.
We take the elevator almost every day. When we go to work, when we go home, when we go shopping, what happens to the first action whenever we walk into the elevator? I will probably look at my makeup first, then press the floor!

Usually, do people first look at their makeup before they press the floor?

The mirror is installed in the elevator, which creates an illusion that the space becomes bigger. In addition to allowing people to organize their makeup, the mirror can also be used to guard against crime and harassment. In fact, his real role is not these flaws.

When a person using a wheelchair enters, he has to face the floor display screen and cannot see how many layers he is in, so the mirror has two functions for the person in the wheelchair, see how many floors he is on, and when to prepare for the elevator.
The mirror inside the elevator was used to help the disabled.
So it's not for us to organize makeup, not to prevent idiots, but to help people with disabilities.

It is understood that the setting of the mirror in the elevator is the obligation of the public transportation agency, especially in some public buildings, although there is no strict definition of the type of mirror, but the mirror is indispensable.

Wide-angle lens inside the elevator.
This standard was established by the Japan Elevator Association in Japan during the 50th year of Showa (1975). Although the size and height of the mirror were not strictly defined at the time, it was clearly pointed out that when people using wheelchairs enter the elevator, they may I can't turn around, so I need to use the mirror to judge where I am moving and when to get off the elevator.

 Many people have always thought that the mirror is for people to dress up, and people who think of designing the elevator are so intimate!

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