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How to save and protect yourself when there is a problem with the elevator

How to save and protect yourself when there is a problem with the elevator

How to save yourself and protect yourself when there is a problem with the elevator, the following points hope to be useful to you:
When trapped in an elevator:
If you are suddenly trapped in an elevator, don't panic. The correct way to save yourself is as follows:
1. Connect with the outside world through the alarm and intercom device on the elevator panel or other communication methods.
2. Since the method of opening the elevator door by yourself after being trapped in the elevator is very dangerous, it is prone to rubbing and even falling, so please do not open the elevator door by yourself when you are trapped in the elevator.
3. There are protective windows on the top of the elevator, but the protective windows are only used by elevator maintenance personnel. If you are trapped and skid the safety window on the elevator car by yourself, it is very dangerous to climb out of the elevator, so please don't this way.
4. Slap the door and shout, or take off your shoes, slap the door with your shoes, and send a signal for help. If no one responds, wait calmly, observe the movement, keep your strength, wait for rescue, and don't keep shouting for rescue.

Actions to protect yourself when the elevator falls:
1. (No matter how many floors there are), quickly press the buttons on each floor.
2. If there is a handle in the elevator, hold the handle firmly with one hand.
3. The entire back and head are in a straight line against the inner wall of the elevator.
4. The knees are in a bent posture.
Explanation: When the elevator falls, you don't know when it will hit the ground, and you will probably fracture and die when it falls: So the first task is to stop the elevator immediately and continue the fall when the emergency power is turned on. The second point is to fix your position so that you will not fall due to physical imbalance. The third point is to use the elevator walls as a protection for the spine. And the fourth point is worth paying attention to, because ligaments are a tissue rich in elasticity in the human body, so the use of knee bending to withstand the pressure of heavy blows is greater than that of bones.
Tips for the correct use of elevators:
1. When waiting for people to take the elevator, do not block your body between the car door and the landing door. You should press the landing button in the same direction as the car or press the car door open button.
2. Do not use passenger elevators to transport large pieces of equipment and goods. If the elevator car door and landing door hit a hard material and deform, it will easily cause the car door to fail to close or to fail to open after being out of service.
3. When the elevator door is closed, do not hit, kick, pry, etc. The car is not a completely enclosed structure, and there is no danger of suffocation.
4. When riding an escalator, you should stand in the running direction, keep your feet away from the edge of the steps, stand within the yellow line, and hold the handrail. Prevent children from kicking between the two steps and avoid shoes being caught.

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