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For the owner of the Dunhe Garden Community, No. 137 an […]

For the owner of the Dunhe Garden Community, No. 137 and No. 143, Dunhe Road, Haizhu District, August 12 is a day worth celebrating. Because, on this day, the two old buildings that were fully expected for four years were finally officially handed over. Li Qichang, owner of No. 143, couldn’t help but sigh with excitement in the elevator log: "The silver hair will go upstairs without worry."

Since July 2014, the owners of No. 137 and No. 143 have planned to install elevators for the old buildings. Both buildings are 9 floors, including many old people and children. Liang Shu, who lives on the 7th floor, said: "Now the young people at home are going to work. Usually, these elderly people will send their children to go to school, send them out to climb the stairs, and then come back and climb the stairs. This knee can't stand it."

Adding an elevator has become the common wish of the community owners. However, Liang Shu has ran for more than two years in order to meet the approval conditions. On the one hand, the fire approval requires that the pedestrian fire passage should reach 1.5 meters, and the traffic lane passage requirements should reach 4 meters. The elevator size is slightly larger and the conditions are not met; on the other hand, As it is a conjoined building, it takes a lot of effort to collect the consent of two-thirds of the owners of other buildings. In the end, the building block integrated elevator with a small footprint entered the eyes of the owners.

He Weizhen, the elevator installer, told the reporter that a few months ago, the community owner tried to find the elevator company and chose the ladder. It took only a few months to complete a series of procedures such as approval and ladder installation, especially the lifting of the ladder. In two hours, the time for loading the ladder was greatly shortened, and the time for the ladder was advanced to August. “Traditional elevators pull all materials to the site, directly welding and assembling on site, large in size, long construction time, usually half a year's construction period; and this building-type micro-ladder is smaller than the traditional elevator, and the installation and commissioning is up to 15 days. It is factory-scale Elevator manufacture production and then pulled over to install. Compared with on-site manual operation, the quality must be more precise.” He introduced that many communities in Elevator manufacturers Haizhu District are more recognized for this kind of ladder, He Weiwei last year After ten sets of building block elevators, it solved the problem that some old communities could not install traditional elevators.

Luo Xiaohua, regional manager of the elevator company, introduced that since March 6, 2017, he entered Guangzhou, and now nearly 300 sets of integrated building-type elevators have been built, and more than 20 units have been built. More than 20 units are under construction, currently every month. The number of elevators for signing is about ten or so. “A lot of old residential areas in Guangzhou have narrower building distances due to early planning. At the time of approval, many traditional elevators can't be installed outside, and they are faced with the problem of not being able to install elevators.”

Luo Xiaohua said that the company's steel structure integrated building block elevator has 24 patents, which completely solves the problem of “difficult” elevators in old houses on the technical level. In the case of ensuring that 6 people are seated, the elevator has the smallest exterior size in the country. Since 95% of the processes are completed at the factory, the weather-constrained conditions are not as strong and will not last as long as the traditional elevators. "We can complete the main body lifting in one day and complete the installation and commissioning in one week. Usually we choose to ship from Fujian during the day on Friday and Guangzhou to the early morning on Saturday. If the weather permits, it will be hoisted on Saturday, thus avoiding the work on the working day and affecting the residents. Travel.

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