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Common sense of elevator safety

Common sense of elevator safety

Elevator failures and accidents occur from time to time. In order to popularize the common sense of elevator safety, we organize and introduce them to you.
Taboo 1:
Do not pick the door or lean against the door when taking the elevator
When waiting for the elevator, it is forbidden to pick the landing door with your hands. Once the door is opened, not only will the car stop in an emergency, causing passengers to be trapped in the car, affecting the normal operation of the elevator, and possibly causing waiting passengers to fall into the hoistway or be injured.
During the operation of the car, once the door is opened, the car will stop in an emergency, causing passengers to be trapped in the car and affecting the normal operation of the elevator.
Therefore, regardless of whether the elevator is running or not, it is extremely dangerous to pick, pry, hold, and lean on the elevator door.
Taboo 2:
Children should not take the ladder alone
Because children's self-care ability is weak, they do not understand the safety common sense of taking elevators, they are lively and active, easy to cause misoperation, and their self-protection ability is not strong, and they are prone to danger when they are alone in the car or in emergency situations.
Taboo 3:
should not jump in the car
Jumping in the car and shaking left and right will cause the safety device of the elevator to malfunction, causing passengers to be trapped in the car, affecting the normal operation of the elevator, and possibly damaging the elevator components.
Taboo 4:
What should pets pay attention to when taking the elevator
Do not use a long string to lead the pet on board. It should be pulled tightly or hugged by hand to prevent the string from being caught by the floor and car door, resulting in a safety accident.
Taboo 5:
Flammable and explosive materials are prohibited from entering the car
Dangerous goods such as inflammable, explosive, or corrosive items should not be brought into the elevator car. In the event of an accident, it may cause personal injury or equipment damage. In particular, the scattering of corrosive substances will bring unnoticeable accident hazards to the elevator.
Taboo 6:
Spilled items should not be brought in
Passengers bring running rain gear and overflowing items into the car, or the cleaners bring water into the elevator car when cleaning the floor, which will dampen the car floor and cause passengers to slip, and even cause water to run along the gap between the car door sills Short-circuit failure of electrical equipment occurs due to entering the well.

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