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"Elevator talent" has become the new favorite of the workplace

"Elevator talent" has become the new favorite of the workplace

In recent years, elevator safety accidents have occurred frequently, and the "talent bottleneck" in the development of the elevatorChina Best elevator company industry has gradually emerged. The lack of professional elevator technicians and the extreme shortage of elevator installation and maintenance personnel have become a "stumbling block" to the healthy and sustainable development of the elevator industry. Solving the problem of the shortage of talents in the elevator industry has become the focus of attention.
Chen Yong, general manager of Hitachi Elevator (China) Co., Ltd.’s business engineering headquarters, believes that, in terms of elevator talent training, the company’s own training center has a limited training scale, the elevator profession of colleges and universities started late, and the teaching system is not mature. It is difficult for power to change the difficulties encountered in the development of the elevator industry. Only by combining the strengths of government, schools and enterprises, and complementing each other's shortcomings, can we solve the problem of the shortage of elevator talents, accelerate elevator production, management technology research and development, and promote the development of the elevator industry.




Jin Bao, president of the Shaanxi Elevator Industry Association, said that he will continue to play the role of the elevator industry association as a bridge, do a good job in the research and planning of elevator talent training, and enhance the scientificity and effectiveness of talent training; let more elevator companies participate in elevators In the process of training professional talents, we will strengthen cooperation between colleges and universities, establish cooperation and docking mechanisms for professional talent training, improve training methods and methods, and improve students' ability to fit their posts.
In response, Ms. Yao Rong, Dean of Xi’an Institute of Finance, Finance and Trade, as a training base for professionals in the elevator industry in Shaanxi Province, said: In the coming days, the college will continue to work closely with famous domestic elevator companies such as Shaanxi Elevator Industry Association and Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator. Cooperation, practice the school-running model of "school-enterprise cooperation, industry-education integration", explore the "strong-strong alliance" training strategy, and will continue to develop enterprise-oriented classes, themed short-term training, "2+1", "3+1" education courses, etc. Training program.

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