Elevators are an integral part of life for many people


Elevators are an integral part of life for many people, […]

Elevators are an integral part of life for many people, particularly those living in buildings higher than 5 stories or those working in tall office buildings. Many people will take the elevator even if their destination is only on the next floor up or down, simply due to how easy they are to use. However, there are some people who are afraid of elevators, either due to the possibility of the elevator car falling or due to their fear of the small space of the elevator car.Safe elevator

That begs the question: are elevators actually safe? As it turns out, elevators are very safe… even safer than stairs, in fact!

The mechanism that makes elevator cars particularly sturdy are the steel cablesholding them up. How many cables are on every car? Between six and eight. That’s right, even if all but one fail, the elevator will still be held up safely, as each steel cable is capable of holding more than the weight of the elevator Elevator manufactures car! This means that only a freak accident could cause the car to plummet to the ground, as all the cables would need to be severed.

Each elevator has a certain “factor of safety“. The number of ropes or cables in the elevator depends on this factor, and ensures that the car you step into is as safe as possible. Timely elevator maintenance will ensure the elevators in your building will stay safe.

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