Freight elevator safety performance?


The safety standards of freight elevators are exactly t […]

The safety standards of freight elevators are exactly the same as passenger elevators, so don't worry too much.
I have worked in the elevator industry for 15 years.I have only heard of an elevator falling in a free fall.It happened in Hong Kong. No one was in the elevator, so there were no casualties, but it still caused a sensation in the global elevator industry.
In general, the safety of elevators is very high, and your professional risk is much lower than that of car drivers and conductors.China Machine Room Less Freight Elevator Company
However, if you drive carefully for thousands of years, the following suggestions are still made:
1. Pay attention to whether your elevator has normal maintenance and annual inspection by the Technical Supervision Bureau. If not, the elevator is illegal and can be reported.
2. Pay attention to any abnormal sound and vibration of the elevator during work.
3. The entrance of the elevator is the most dangerous area. When passing in and out of the door, it should pass quickly. Avoid one foot in the elevator and one foot standing outside the elevator.
4. The elevator door is not as strong as you think, avoid leaning on the door.
5. If you need to use the triangular key to open the elevator door, be sure to determine the position of the elevator in advance. Every year, there are always a few people who die by using the triangular key incorrectly. If you have not been trained on how to use the triangular key, do n’t use it even if you get it.
6. Pay attention to the stable storage of the goods in the elevator, and don't let the goods fall down and hit.
7. If the elevator is under maintenance, don't use it, because the elevator can be moved on the machine room or the top of the elevator. The use of elevators in maintenance may not only harm yourself, but also the maintenance personnel.

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