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How long is the service life of the elevator?

How long is the service life of the elevator?

At present, there is no stipulation on the service life of elevators outside China.

According to the inspector of the Special Equipment Safety Supervision Office of the Changsha Du Quality Supervision Bureau, there are currently no restrictions on the service life of elevators at home and abroad, and there are elevators that are still in use for hundreds of years abroad. Some regions in my country, including Changsha City, have issued local regulations, suggesting that elevators over 15 years old should be entrusted by property companies or owners to conduct a comprehensive elevator safety technology assessment.


According to regulations, elevators should be inspected regularly, and the periodic inspection cycle is one year. The elevator user unit shall submit periodic inspection requirements to the elevator inspection and testing agency one month before the expiration of the validity period of the elevator safety inspection. Elevators
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that have not been inspected regularly or that fail to pass the inspection shall not be used.

Once the service life of the elevator exceeds fifteen years, or the main technical parameters are affected by flooding, fire, lightning, earthquake and other disasters, the user shall entrust a qualified elevator inspection and testing agency to carry out safety technical evaluation.

According to the safety technology evaluation report, the elevator user unit needs to be transformed, repaired and updated. If the elevator has serious hidden dangers of accident and has no value for renovation or repair, it must be scrapped in time.

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