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How to save yourself when the elevator falls

How to save yourself when the elevator falls

1. No matter how many floors there are, press the buttons on each floor quickly. Generally, when the emergency power supply of the elevator is activated, it can stop and continue to fall.
2. If there is a handle in the elevator, passengers must hold the handle tightly, so as to avoid falling due to the unstable center of gravity.
3. During the fall of the elevator, the passenger should keep the entire back and head close to the inner wall of the elevator in a straight line, so that the elevator wall can be used as the protection of the spine, and the knees should be kept bent, and the ligament should be used to buffer the pressure of heavy blows.
4. After the elevator stops falling, use the emergency telephone or mobile phone to get in touch with the duty personnel and maintenance personnel, release the trapped information to the management agency of the building where the elevator is located or the elevator maintenance unit, and inform the elevator location and the situation of the people in the elevator. Wait. Passengers should stay in the elevator and wait for rescue personnel, and must not force open the elevator door.

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