Of course I notice all of those things


Of course I notice all of those things, but have only t […]

Of course I notice all of those things, but have only twice not ridden on the elevator since most places in North America have good inspection systems to ensure elevator safety. Reliability is another matter, poor maintenance companies and owners who do not spend money to keep their elevators current often result in very unreliable elevators that could get you trapped. I never even think about getting trapped though because it is simply a non-event as far as safety is concerned. It will be an inconvenience for my time but that is it. Just like my car breaking down will use up someSafe Elevators Manufacturers  of my time to get it towed and repaired, it is just an inconvenience to my time and I do not worry about it. When it happens, I just deal with it.

To answer the main question, I once looked at a home elevator that was home made, used a single bicycle chain to lift it, and had no free-fall safety devices. I did not ride it, and strongly advised the homeowner to do the same.

The second time, I was in a mall and saw an elevator run once with China elevator company the doors open. This is one of the most dangerous situations with an elevator. I first attempted to find a way to shut it down immediately, but was unsuccessful, so I found the mall maintenance staff and strongly urged them to shut it down and call their maintenance provider. I was travelling at the time and did not know the elevator inspection people where I was so I was not able to contact them as a back-up.

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