Take the elevator everyday, these actions are dangerous


A few days ago, the media reported that the accident in […]

A few days ago, the media reported that the accident in a building in Zhengzhou City that fell to the negative floor due to an elevator overload caused the public's attention. How can I ensure my safety by taking the elevator? In addition to overloading, what other dangerous behaviors may cause accidents?
   The engineering expert responsible for the safety of elevators in this company gave special reminders to the elevator safety issues that everyone is concerned about, especially the dangerous actions that people often take.
  Wait for the ladder: Don’t press the button too much, don’t lean against the door


   When waiting for the elevator, some people always press the up or down button repeatedly. Some people like to lean on the door to take a break, and some will slap the elevator door. Little do you know that pressing the button repeatedly will cause the elevator to stop by mistake, which will delay time and may cause the button to malfunction. Leaning, pushing, hitting, kicking, and prying the door will affect the opening of the landing door or fall into the hoistway due to accidental opening of the landing door.
  Get in and out of the ladder: Don't reach out when you close the door
   When the elevator doors are closing, passengers outside will prevent them from closing with their hands, feet, sticks and other objects. Experts suggest that you better wait for the next time or ask passengers inside the elevator to press the door open button to reopen the landing door. People in the elevator should not stretch out their hands and feet, probe their brains, and should not put their belongings in the gap to prevent the elevator doors from closing.
  Do not bring dripping rain gear into the elevator on a rainy day, otherwise it will not only wet the floor, but also may cause a short circuit when water enters the hoistway through the gap.

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