There has been a tectonic shift with the relationship


There has been a tectonic shift with the relationship w […]

There has been a tectonic shift with the relationship with China in last couple of years. Also note for substantial change, it takes time due to Nepal’s geography . Most diplomatic relationships are evolutionary in nature rather than revolutionary. There need to be enough confidence on both the sides with their vested national interest. Because of the recent blockade in Nepal, there has been a huge shift in foreign policy initiated by Oli government and the impact has already been surfaced. However, please note that it takes many years to have broader impact, the reasons are obvious :

Lack of political Stability in Nepal Strong Historical ties with India Poor Infrastructures in northern side of Nepal However if you see the recent engagement with Chinese government, it looks reasonably aggressive. There has been huge involvement of Chinese businesses in development of hydroelectricity, the numbers of Chinese airlines passenger elevator company and tourists landing in Kathmandu Airport, China’s interest on railway infrastructure from north south, Chinese government willingness to open multiple borders in the northern side, the fiber optics connection with northern neighbor, increase number of visit of political leaders, bureaucrats and military officers for training and co-operation, the first defense exercise between PLA and NA are remarkable achievements in the last couple of months, if not years.

The Madesh uprising and India’s failed diplomacy , the anti-Indian sentiments in Nepal historically high in the year 2016, Its just the beginning of the new era of relationship between China and Nepal.

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