Understand the application scenarios and characteristics of sightseeing elevators


Sightseeing elevator is a vertical elevator powered by […]

Sightseeing elevator is a vertical elevator powered by a motor, equipped with a box-shaped pod, used for multi-storey buildings to carry people or cargo. One or more hoistway walls and car walls are made of transparent materials, and passengers can watch the scenery outside the car when riding in the elevator.Safe Elevators Suppliers

Application scenarios of sightseeing elevators:
Sightseeing elevators serve fixed lifting equipment on specified floors and are mainly used in hotels, shopping malls, and high-rise office buildings.


Features of sightseeing elevator

1. The glass fiber reinforced plastic structure of the sightseeing elevator not only perfectly shows the compact space and the overall beauty; it can also be designed according to different civil works, generally round, semi-circular, and square.

2. It is integrated with the building and the surrounding environment, not only becomes a part of the building, but also adds a beautiful moving scenery.

3. The sightseeing elevator has a smooth and comfortable riding feeling and a variety of angles of outside scenery, which brings passengers an enjoyment and a novelty.

4. The sightseeing area of ​​the sightseeing elevator is spacious and bright, and the shape is unique, which brings a different kind of scenery to the building, expands the visual space of the elevator, and extends the narrow elevator space.

5. The sight-seeing elevator has realized the reliable humanized functions such as never shutting down people, being able to drop in the car after power outage, and emergency self-rescue. At the same time, the sightseeing elevator occupies less space, which does not hinder the space utilization of the building. In addition, the sightseeing elevator has intelligent configuration and more human care, such as integrated self-rescue and release design, wheelchair accessible design, etc., making our lives safer and smarter.

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