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What are the symptoms when an old elevator is scrapped?

What are the symptoms when an old elevator is scrapped?

If the elevator is very old, it needs to be scrapped and remodeled. Then there will be some symptoms when the elevator is old. Many people think that the elevator should be replaced if it has been used for a long time. In fact, this is not the case. We still need to open the elevator and some parts. Let's take a look at the symptoms when the old elevator is scrapped.

1. Status of use

Whether the elevator needs to be repaired or replaced depends not on the time limit, but on the usage status of the elevator parts. At present, the country does not have a mandatory scrapping standard for old elevatorsChina Freight Elevators Manufacturers, but a risk assessment of the old passenger elevators in use. "The evaluation results are formed through the evaluation of risk sources, which are divided into general maintenance, renovation and scrap replacement. For elevators that are very risky and do not have the value of renovation, they need to be scrapped and replaced.

2. Look at the parts

The elevator is an ‘assembly’ like the main computer box. "Said Chen Fengwang, secretary general of the National Standardization Technical Committee for the top ten elevator brands. In the new national standard, whether the elevator is scrapped is based on its "assembly parts." Damage, abnormal wear, corrosion, material aging, electrical failure, electrical component damage and other 6 failures or potential failure modes that affect safe operation. "If the elevator components are judged to be serious according to these technical conditions, the whole machine can be considered scrapped.

3. Transformation issues

Generally more than 10 years can be put on the agenda of old ladder renovation. The overhaul generally treats the symptoms rather than the root cause. It is an update and maintenance on the basis of the original elevator and replacement of new parts without changing the specifications and functions of the original elevator. Reconstruction is a functional upgrade on the basis of the original elevator, such as adding landings, adding functions, changing specifications, replacing systems, etc. That is, the elevators that are equal to the new specifications after the transformation need to be re-inspected and received an elevator certificate. Overhaul refers to the replacement of the main engine or steel wire ropes. Overhaul cannot change the brand of the original elevator, while renovation can change the brand of the original elevator.

Now elevators need to be scrapped after they have been used for a long period of time. If they are scrapped, they also need to look at some symptoms. Many people don't know how to look. In fact, you can see whether the elevator needs to be scrapped or remodeled based on the usage of the elevator and the usage of the components. The above is the relevant content for everyone. Thank you for watching.

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