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What is a tourist elevator

What is a tourist elevator

With the development of science and technology, our elevators are no longer limited to outdoor vision, and we can take sightseeing elevators in many shopping malls, tourist attractions, and other places. The sightseeing bus is an excellent carrier for enjoying the beautiful scenery, allowing passengers to feel the comfort brought by modern equipment.
What is a tourist elevator?
An electric motor-driven vertical elevator with box-shaped pods is used to transport people or goods in multi-story buildings. One or more surfaces of the hoistway wall and the car wall are made of transparent material so that passengers can see the scenery outside the car when riding the elevator. Fixed lifting device for designated floors. Mainly installed in hotels, shopping malls, high-rise office places, and other occasions.
The price of the elevator is mainly related to factors such as load, speed, and landing. These three main parameters are also the most basic parameters. The height of the lifting mechanism is about 30 meters, and the development of a sightseeing elevator carrying 5-7 people requires people to spend 200,000-300,000 yuan, including the market price of enterprise facilities, transportation, installation, and a one-year free warranty. The price of the elevator is related to the analysis of many key elements, such as brand, landing, speed, research on load-bearing management mode, etc. It is not determined by the height of the elevator and the number of passengers.
It can not only meet the needs of passengers but also make the building more wonderful and wonderful so that passengers can enjoy the beautiful scenery around while enjoying the comfortable operation of the sightseeing elevator. It can be widely used in major shopping malls, stations, Terminals, airports, shopping malls, entertainment centers, exhibition halls, and other public places.

Panoramic Elevator

Elegant structure with limitless scenic views Tenau sightseeing elevator adheres to the design principle of innovativeness and fashion. To meet various demands of hotels and supermarkets, our company provides different elevator designs according to their building styles. Delicate style designs provide passengers with different scenic perspectives and broad scenic views.

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