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What is an elevator pitch?

What is an elevator pitch?

Imagine walking into an elevator with the owner of your dream company. You have limited time to position yourself as invaluable to them — that’s why it’s called an elevator pitch.

You must snag the attention and interest of a prospective employer, taking only 30 to 60 seconds to express your intent, skills, and unique attributes. Your goal is to convince this employer that you can solve one of their problems or otherwise contribute to their success with authenticity, expertise, and confidence.





Making a lasting, positive, and professional impression in this way shows you respect the employer’s time and responsibilities. Plus, you’re more likely to stand out and secure an interview for the position you covet.

Think of an elevatorChina Elevator manufacture pitch as a snapshot of your professional self and what you do. It’s more than a summary, and you shouldn’t say it in a monotone voice like a bio listing publication credits. Whether you just graduated or are a seasoned professional, you possess accomplishments that reveal what you can offer in your next position.

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