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What is the correct way to use construction elevator doors?

What is the correct way to use construction elevator doors?

For some high-rise buildings, elevators must be installed, so when construction workers install elevators, we will see outside that the construction team usually installs a construction elevator door at the elevator door. In this way, he can effectively isolate some dangers, because there may be some safety hazards during construction. In this way, the safetyHome Elevators manufacture of workers can be more guaranteed, and the construction can be more standardized. Then, let's introduce the correct use of elevator construction.

1. Carry out safety inspections

When the construction elevator runs for the first time, it must run with no load or full load. The ladder cage should be raised about 1m from the ground to stop, check the sensitivity of the brake, then continue to rise the floor platform, and check that the construction elevator protective door is normal before it can be put into operation. The load must be evenly distributed when the ladder cage is loaded with people. It is strictly forbidden to operate the button when the passenger elevator runs to the uppermost and lowermost floors. It is strictly forbidden to stop using the stroke limit switch to automatically collide. The construction elevator must be honked before starting. Warning, adequate lighting should be provided for night operations. When a double-cage elevator is under inspection or maintenance, the other one must not run.


2. Security requirements

The facade is made of small-hole expanded metal mesh or barbed wire mesh and steel plate welded together, which can effectively prevent the waiting constructors from extending their handles and causing accidents in the operation of the construction elevator, which is convenient for elevator operators to observe the situation in the building. It also facilitates communication inside and outside the building. A warning slogan and a warning line of the skirting board below are sprayed in the middle of the facade to alert the construction personnel. The door shaft is welded with a 16# round tube, which is easy to install. You only need to weld a 90-degree right-angle round pipe on the outer frame pole at the position corresponding to the door shaft, and then hang the protective door to use, and it is easy to remove and remove.

3. Operate strictly in accordance with the requirements

During construction on the site, we must use the construction elevator protective door in strict accordance with the requirements of the specification. Do not enter rashly. Do not work carelessly under unknown circumstances. We must know that this is a major event related to the entire family and whether the construction project can proceed safely and smoothly. . When choosing a protective door for construction elevators, you should choose strictly according to the specific requirements of the construction site. It is good to choose the appropriate one that meets the construction specifications of the construction site. Every construction worker must take strict precautions and put safety first. The responsibility is greater than the sky.

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