What is the difference between an escalator and an elevator?


The escalator is a step with a cyclic operation for tra […]

The escalator is a step with a cyclic operation for transporting passengers that continuously transport passengers up or down. Intuitively it looks like a moving staircase, accompanied by a moving armrest.
 The rotation of the escalator is not complicated. It is a two-cycle special chain that moves on the low-speed sprocket driven by the Machine Room Elevator manufacturersreducer, and the pedals are respectively hinged at the corresponding positions. The technical feature of the escalator is that the pedal is held horizontally in the use section, which is controlled by the small wheel on the lever below the pedal in the control track. In order to ensure safety, the escalator can automatically stop and jam on the safety device when the special chain is disconnected, and will not slide down. Each step of the escalator has a safety barrier that prevents the passenger's foot from entering the movement zone, and a safety device comb shovel at the end of the escalator. The pedal and chain are hinged, but there is a small wheel at the end of the fixed lever on both ends of the pedal. The small wheel runs in the side guide groove to keep the pedal horizontal. But when turning to the lower part, all the pedals are flat.
The elevator is a fixed hoisting and transporting device used in high-rise buildings. It has a passenger-loaded car that runs between the floors along a guide rail that is less than 15° vertical or inclined.
 (1) Car: It is a part similar to the car that directly carries passengers. Generally, it is a closed box after the door is closed.
  (2) Car door: The door of the car, the door that the passenger automatically opens and closes as seen from the car. It runs up and down with the car.
  (3) Floor door (or hall door): A door that is installed at the entrance of each floor elevator. It does not run up and down with the elevator, but it is opened or closed with the car door.
 (4) Call box (or call box): It is set beside the elevator entrance door of each floor. There are generally two buttons with arrows on the upper and lower sides for the passengers to call the car to use at the station.
    (5) Control panel inside the car: It is installed on the inner wall of the car, there are digital buttons representing each floor, as well as the switch door button and the emergency call button, which are mainly used for passengers to select the destination floor after entering the elevator.

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