Why do some elevators have mirrors?


[Increase the sense of space] First of all, from the pe […]

[Increase the sense of space]
First of all, from the perspective of space, the space in elevators is usually very narrow, especially passenger elevators, which will give people a more depressed feeling.Elevator supplier
After the mirror is installed, the reflection characteristics of the mirror will give people the illusion of deep space. In particular, the entire elevator with mirrors will have a stronger sense of space. This principle is also commonly used to decorate small-sized homes and commercial houses. Using mirrors to increase the sense of space has become popular now.

[Easy to organize appearance]
A mirror is an article with a smooth surface and the ability to reflect light. The most common mirror is a flat mirror, which is often used by people to organize their appearance. For passengers traveling in a hurry and paying attention to courtesy, installing a mirror in the elevator is also a warm design.

[No dead angle in security surveillance]
Generally, there is only one camera installed in the elevator, and there is a dead angle monitoring. After the mirror is installed in the elevator, the reflection principle of the mirror can realize the elevator monitoring without dead angle.

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