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Why is it called "riding the elevator"?

Why is it called "riding the elevator"?

When "sit" is used as the verb bai, an explanation is "to ride; du ride" (zhi machine, boat, car, etc.), which means to be in dao transportation.

Elevator is a means of transportation in a vertical direction, and it is called taking a ride to reach another floor from one floor by means of an elevator tool, which is called "sitting" for short. It can be said to take the elevator, take the elevator or take the elevatorChina Freight Elevators Company.

Related groups of words are: car, boat, pry, plane, train; horse (horse for riding).

2. Word analysis

1. By car: taking a car; a small car used for people in ancient times; a passenger car; sitting on a seat in the car body.


2. By boat: by boat.

3. Airplane: travel by air; the metaphor is at a loss; in online games, the jokes of bai to the resurrection area after being killed by the enemy; in online games, team up with external players.
From one point to another, whether it is a horizontal dao or a vertical dao, the process of reaching Rongda's destination without doing any work in the person is usually done through some kind of transportation. The following example:
For example, an airplane is called a place to go by plane, not a place to sleep, stand, or ride on an airplane. The means of transportation created by human beings are called rides in our country. In the current spoken language, "thai" means to call a taxi. You can call a taxi, because a taxi can stop at any time, and the spoken language can be translated as a taxi, but you cannot call a plane:)
For example, what an animal calls to ride to a place, not to sleep or stand.
The elevator is a vertical means of transportation. Our country classifies it as a special equipment. According to the concept of special equipment, it should be understood that someone driving special equipment, and passengers who come up are called "riding" or "riding" the elevator, but with elevator technology The continuous progress and development of the intelligent and humanized elevators have replaced the old generation of elevators, so the elevators do not need to be operated manually (the elevators must have elevator management or operator management), and use elevator tools to reach another floor from one floor They are called rides, or "sit" for short.

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