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Working principle of straight ladder

Working principle of straight ladder

The two ends of the traction rope are respectively connected to the car and the counterweight, and are wound on the traction sheave and the guide wheel. The traction motor drives the traction sheave to rotate after the speedChina Best elevator company of the reducer. The traction force generated by the friction between the traction rope and the traction sheave , To realize the lifting movement of the car and the counterweight to achieve the purpose of transportation.




The guide shoe fixed on the car can reciprocate up and down along the fixed guide rail installed on the wall of the building hoistway to prevent the car from deflection or swinging during operation. The normally-closed block brake is released when the motor is working, so that the elevator runs, and brakes in the case of power loss, so that the elevator car stops lifting and maintaining its static state on the designated landing for people and goods to enter and exit.

The car is a box component that carries passengers or other loads. The counterweight is used to balance the car load and reduce the power of the motor. The compensation device is used to compensate the tension and weight changes in the traction rope movement, so that the traction motor load is stable, and the car can be accurately stopped. The electrical system realizes the control of elevator movement, and at the same time completes floor selection, leveling, speed measurement and lighting. Instruct the call system to display the direction of movement of the car and the location of the floor at any time. The safety device ensures the safe operation of the elevator.

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