You can move horizontally and diagonally


You can move horizontally and diagonally, for example, […]

You can move horizontally and diagonally, for example, the Harry Potter Magic Elevator in the movie is coming next year. The elevator, invented by German elevator manufacturer ThyssenKrupp, will completely get rid of the cable, using the magnetic float technology, and will take the elevator to the office in the future. It is understood that the world's first customer of this magic elevator will be more than 600 meters high, located in the tallest skyscraper in the United States Manhattan "The Big Bend."

There is such a bridge in the Harry Potter movie, the elevator can hit the side, straight and diagonally move, press any button you want toChina elevator company  go, you can reach in the blink of an eye. In the real world, perhaps this time next year, we can see a similar prototype of the elevator.

The principle of the magic elevator is similar to that of the maglev trains that are common in China and Japan. When the elevator is started, the electromagnetic force generated by the linear induction motor causes the contactless suspension between the elevator car and the track to be guided and controlled to operate the elevator.

The new elevator thus gets rid of the shackles that traditional elevators can only carry vertically, adding new skills to move left and right, and even diagonally. You look at the track behind the elevator. After the track changes, the elevator car is almost up and down and omnipotent.

ThyssenKrupp also said that the new elevator system will be equipped with computer intelligence algorithms. The passengers want to go to the location, the elevator will choose the best route to arrive; to ensure safety, passengers in the elevator car can also monitor other cars in the elevator shaft in real time.

According to the British "Daily Mail" report, the research project will be completed in September 2018, which means that people's lives may soon change.

[In the future, buildings may become more and more high]
First of all, the most significant change is that the buildings in the future may become more and more high! At present, the world's tallest buildingHigh quality elevator is the Dubai Burj Khalifa in the United Arab Emirates, which is 828 meters high, but it will not be long before the record will be broken by the buildings under construction in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, which will be 1,000 meters high (167 floors).

At present, it is not easy to build a high-rise building of 500 meters or more. Especially the elevator like the traditional steel cable is one of the restrictions. In the past, the weight of the elevator rope was conventional, and the traditional one can drive about 500 meters. The elevator in Burj Khalifa has broken through, setting the fastest and highest elevator speed record at 17.5 meters per second. It is manufactured and installed by ThyssenKrupp.

However, even if this is the case, the tourists still can't climb to the top, and they have to change to the elevator three times to reach the top floor safely. ThyssenKrupp's new elevator system has got rid of the cable restrictions. In theory, the factors that restricted the height of the elevator cables in the past no longer exist, and it is possible to build super-high buildings.

[More appearances in the skyscraper]
Second, more forms of skyscrapers will emerge. According to Science and Technology Blog 36氪, the half-curtain building “The Big Bend” designed by Oiio Studio, a famous architectural design team in Athens, has a total length of 1,219 meters. The building is 600 meters away from the ground and turns down to form an inverted U shape. The team is ready to use ThyssenKrupp's new elevator to meet the needs of more than 600 meters of high-rise buildings through the U-ring.

In addition, with the birth of this magical elevator, it is possible to interconnect the buildings in the city in the future. The boundaries between elevators, cars, trains, buildings, bridges, and the entire city may become blurred. In the future, if you live on the 50th floor, you must first return to the ground from the high-rise building, consider which travel tool to take, and then return to the office on the 50th floor. The building and the building can be directly connected by the elevator.

However, the magic elevator can have some problems to be seriously considered, the most important thing is the cost. Although the new elevator system saves the resources consumed by traditional elevator ropes, the former may require more energy and space. Think about it. If you go from the bottom of the building to the top floor, the elevator will stop for a dozen times. It is estimated that you will wait until the "crash."

This means that when the developer builds a building, it needs to have enough space to switch the elevator state, for example, whether it is to be fast or direct, or to take a normal ride, etc., and the space required for transportation and the rentable area of ​​each floor are in a zero-sum game. "."

In addition, how many elevators are located in a particular axis, how to arrange between the channels, how to coordinate between the self-regulating elevator cars, etc., are not a one-step thing.

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