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The words "empty fall", "trapped elevators will suffocate"

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The words "empty fall", "trapped elevators will suffocate"

The words "empty fall", "trapped elevators will suffocate" and other words such as madness earning click-through rate are common in newspapers and media, and this plausible exaggeration is expressed after continuous word-of-mouth amplification and external effects. Some people who don’t know the truth are really believed to be true.

Today, Pipa Jun will gather some common rumors about elevator safety, and hope that everyone can share these simple and common elevator safety common sense to more people.


Will the elevator suddenly fall during operation?

Many people worry that the elevator will suddenly fall during the operation, but in fact, the "elevator drop" is not really falling.

There are two general situations in which the elevator falls:

Emergency stop during elevator operation: During the operation Elevator supplier, the safety circuit or the door lock circuit is disconnected, causing the elevator to stop. The passenger feels that the leg is numb, which is actually caused by the emergency stop of the elevator.

A fault in the elevator operation will automatically return to the base station reset: that is, the "elevator falls down" that is misunderstood by most people. The probability of this happening is almost the same as the probability of buying 5 million in the lottery.


The elevator suddenly fell because the wire rope broke?

Some articles on the Internet explained: "The sudden drop of the elevator under normal circumstances is caused by the broken wire rope of the traction elevator."

In fact, the ropes of the elevators are not so fragile. The elevator cars are all drawn by wire ropes. The greater the load, the greater the number of ropes. For elevators in general residential buildings, there are at least three wire ropes, each with approximately 10 small steel strands and 10 steel wires per steel strand. In principle, all wire ropes need to be replaced as soon as they are broken.

In theory, a wire rope can withstand all the gravity of the elevator car. So there is only one left and there is no need to worry that the car will fall. Moreover, the probability that all the ropes are broken is really small and small.


Trapped in the elevator to open the door to save yourself?

Opening the door to self-help is equal to finding a short circuit!

In addition to call rescue, call the elevator repair company phone, press the alarm button inside the elevator, do not want to open the door to save yourself, there are many examples of casualties caused by self-help failure, do not go to the next one.


Being trapped in the elevator will suffocate and die?

The elevator car is not enclosed and there is no danger of suffocation

There is an article saying: "If you are trapped in an elevator, you must first calm down, because in the limited space of the elevator, the amount of oxygen is limited, and the body consumes less oxygen when it is calm, so try to keep calm and be trapped. They will not suffocate due to lack of oxygen in a short time."

National standard requirements for elevator ventilation

According to the national standard "GB7588-2003 elevator manufacturing and installation safety specifications" the following relevant provisions:

5.2.3 Ventilation of the shaft

The hoistway should be properly ventilated and the hoistway should not be used for ventilation in non-elevator rooms.

Note: In the absence of relevant specifications or standards, it is recommended that the vent area at the top of the hoistway be at least 1% of the cross-sectional area of ​​the hoistway.

8.16 ventilation

8.16.1 Non-porous door cars shall be provided with ventilation holes at the upper and lower parts.

8.16.2 The effective area of ​​the upper and lower vents of the car shall not be less than 1% of the effective area of ​​the car. The clearance around the car door can be taken into account when calculating the vent area, but not more than 50% of the required effective area.

8.16.3 Ventilation holes shall be so arranged that it is not possible to pass through the car wall through the ventilation holes from a car with a hard straight bar with a diameter of 10 mm.

In fact, the elevator car is not a closed space and there is no danger of suffocation. But still keep calm.


When the elevator is falling, "do you want to quickly press the buttons on each floor?"

At this time, the elevator is faulty and cannot be pressed on the floor!

If the elevator is running and the floor button is useful, the elevator is not bad at all.

If the elevator failure will automatically return to the base station reset, then pressing each floor one time does not have much effect, some elevators will be close to the floor and open the door, and most elevators are returned to the base station reset.

At this time, it is generally impossible to press the floor.


When the elevator is free to fall, try to lean against the wall?

If it is a free fall, what position is useless; if it is just an abnormal drop, this can be buffered to avoid joint dislocation.


The elevator jumps up immediately before it falls to the ground, can avoid death?

First of all, you can't jump because you need to overcome the gravity of the elevator. Secondly, even if you jump up, you will have to land sooner or later. Third, even if there is a glimmer of hope in theoretical calculations, a real question: how to know when to jump. ? Finally, there is a situation in which the elevator is out of control and falling (free fall). No matter whether you jump or not, you can jump. Basically, you are dead.


Is the hand lift more safe than the elevator?

Escalators are more prone to accidents! ! !

Escalators are more prone to accidents than lifts, so use escalators more carefully.

Look at the pedals, it’s coming soon;

Please pay attention to long hair and skirt;

Children pay attention to rubber foam shoes.

Finally, these bad habits must be changed! Change it! Change it!

× When the elevator door is closed, the door is closed by hand, foot, etc. × When the elevator door is closed, stretch your hands and probe your head. × Place the carried item in the gap to prevent the ladder door from closing. ×Press the button repeatedly or press it once per layer. × Handle the elevator door by hand when taking the elevator. × lean against the elevator door during operation. × Smoking, discarding cigarette butts or using an open flame in the elevator. ×The door is closed by hand when the elevator door is not open. × Retrograde, climbing, playing, leaning, or scrambling. ×Children take the cart and the shopping cart to take the ladder. × When the escalator is stopped, it is used as a staircase. ×蹲 Sitting on the step pedal, the carry-on bag is placed on the step pedal or the hand strap. × Staying at the entrance and exit of the escalator for a long time. ×I have been playing mobile phones while riding the elevator

The wise does not buy rumours!

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