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What are the safety points in elevator maintenance work

What are the safety points in elevator maintenance work

1. When multiple people cooperate in the maintenance of elevators, they must concentrate their thoughts and respond to each other, and do a good job of cooperation.
2. If you want to use the triangular key to open the hall door, you must see the position of the car clearly, and don't take it for granted that the elevator must be in any position.
3. When opening the hall door to enter the car top, the door cannot be closed immediately. First, put the inspection switch in the inspection position, press the emergency stop switch, turn on the car top light, and close the hall door after the car top is stable.
4. When leaving the car roof, first open the hall door, and then reset the car top inspection switch, emergency stop switch, and lighting switch one by one, and then close the hall door after arriving outside the hall. (If a person can operate the above switch while standing outside the hall, he should stand outside the hall before resetting the above switch)

5. When the car is running, do not put your body beyond the barrier. Do not work on the straddle.
6. On the top of the car, in case the elevator runs out of control, be sure to stay calm, grab something that can be supported, squat firmly in a safe place, and do not attempt to open the door and jump out.
7. When working in the pit, the safety switch of the pit inspection box should be cut off. When climbing out of the pit, you must ensure that the hall door is open to connect to the safety circuit of the pit, and then quickly climb out of the pit. (If the safety switch can be operated outside the hall, the safety switch should be turned on after the person climbs out of the pit, and then the door is closed)
8. If it is necessary to short-circuit the door lock to check the elevator door lock failure, make sure that the elevator is in the inspection state. After checking, you must disconnect the short-circuit wire of the door lock before resetting the elevator to the normal state.
9. When repairing the elevator with emergency device, when using the emergency switch, make sure that the hall door is closed to prevent others from falling into the hoistway. When working in the pit, if the door on the first floor is to be opened, a warning sign or special person must be set up at the hall door to take effective measures to prevent others from falling into the pit.

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