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What should be paid attention to when riding escalators and moving walks safely

What should be paid attention to when riding escalators and moving walks safely

(1) Children, the elderly, the weak, the sick, and the disabled should be held or supported by a capable adult. Infants and young children should be hugged or supported by the above-mentioned adults. Adults should also use their hands to hold the handrail to avoid accidents. . Passengers who rely on crutches, walkers, and wheelchairs should go to the elevator.
(2) It is forbidden to ride on escalators with strollers, shopping trolleys, etc., so as to prevent the car from losing its balance and causing it to roll off, or even cause other passengers' injury or equipment damage. Please take the elevator or moving walk when needed.
(4) It is forbidden to ride barefoot, squat on the stepped pedals, and do not wear soft plastic shoes or rubber shoes. Especially when the comb teeth are damaged or deformed, the feet or buttocks are likely to be seriously affected harm.
(5) The comb plate is a more dangerous part when escalators or moving walks are running. Passengers should try to avoid hands, bodies, shoes, dresses, objects, sharp and hard objects touching this place to avoid danger.

(6) It is forbidden to jump, play, and run on the steps of sports.
(7) It is forbidden to walk and run in the opposite direction of the cascade, so as not to affect others' use or fall. It is forbidden to lean on the armrests to stand sideways to prevent clothes from hanging or damaging the armrests.
(8) It is forbidden for children to climb on the handrail or the inner cover, and it is forbidden to use the handrail or the inner and outer cover as a slide to prevent people from scratching, pinching or falling.
(9) Do not intentionally pull back the handrail in the opposite direction of the handrail movement in an attempt to prevent it from running; do not let your fingers or clothing touch the parts below the handrail on both sides; do not turn the lower edge of the handrail with your hands. Otherwise, it will affect the normal operation of the handrail, damage the components of the handrail device, or bruise or squeeze the fingers.
(10) It is forbidden to touch the entrance of the handrail with your hands or other foreign objects to prevent getting involved; children are forbidden to play or play near the turning end of the handrail to prevent the head, arms or body from being caught between the handrail and the floor.
(12) Never extend the head and limbs out of the handrail device to prevent being hit by obstacles, ceilings, adjacent escalators or inclined moving walks, and causing personal injury accidents.
(3) It is forbidden to insert sharp objects such as crutches, umbrella tips or high heels into the gaps on the edges of the steps or the grooves of the step pedals to avoid damage to the steps or comb plates and cause personal accidents.
(13) It is forbidden to discard cigarette butts on the steps to prevent fire; do not discard fruit cores, bottle caps, ice cream sticks, chewing gum, commodity packaging and other sundries on the steps to prevent damage to the comb plate; passengers are not allowed to wear them on their feet Slip on shoes with water or oil on the soles.

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