Why can a fire escape by taking a sightseeing elevator?


The price of the sightseeing elevatorBest elevator comp […]

The price of the sightseeing elevatorBest elevator company is based on several floors and several stations, without machine room, load, lifting speed, decoration level, etc. Aotou sightseeing elevator not only saves a lot of space, but also makes the building itself more flexible because of its flexible design and diverse expression styles It adds a bit of charm and enhances the architectural grade. Henan Yutong elevator, the price is very low, the quality is good, you can visit our company.

Because the power supply of the electric ladder is independent at first, the power supply will not be cut off in the event of a fire. The key is that the sightseeing elevator must be located outside, and it has transparent glass. Once trapped inside, firefighters can definitely see it. What was said on the second floor was correct, but he was referring to indoor elevators. The sightseeing elevators are outdoor elevators and there is generally no problem!

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