Villa Elevator

Villa Elevator

Tenau high-end villa elevator, an era of gift-presenting consumption upgrading

In this era of consumption upgrading,people need not only to install an elevator inside the villa,but also more sense of security and sense of quality.

Tenau professional villa elevator inherits the product concept of "Precision, Customization, Profession",applies more advanced intelligent and secure technology,chooses more superior material and equipment,strives to produce secure, healthy, intelligent, comfortable and professional villa elevators, to be the upgrade choice of the modem people to pursue the perfect life quality.

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Advanced Technology

  • With quality assured it’s worth of entrusting

    Tenau elevator always focuses on your concern about safety. Considering the safety, we design and provide multiple protection to ensure the reliability and stability even in most extreme situation. Tenau is worth your trust forever.

  • One-button help calling service

    Can dial number with single button, directly connecting elevator long-distance management and can deat with emergencies effictentfy and safely.

  • UPS

    Equipped with UPS, the elevator can automaticatly detect its location instantly, stop on the nearby floor and open the door automatically in case of outage of public grid so as to ensure the user can get out of the elevator safely.

  • Multi-guide rail stable

    Stable operation of lift car and portal crane can guarantee that the gap between each part remains unchanged during the operation of elevator to ensure the normal, comfortable and safe work of elevator.

  • Tenau eye intelligent remote monitoring & control system

    Besides, Tenau eye system equipped with the elevator can transmit the elevator running data to Tenau remote service center through wireless network so as to give you considerate 24-hour care.

  • Remarkable quality and natural excellence

    The sense of excellence that Tenau elevators quality gives you not only lies in its appearance but also further lies in its essence.

  • 1.1KW high-performance traction machine

    With traction system improved and switch sound of traction eliminated, double-brake design provides sufficient safety. Non-gear design improves transmission efficiency and also reduces consumption* The motor power is only 1.1 kW.

  • New-type mute traction medium

    Plastic coated steel wire rope and flat steel belt ts selected to replace traditional steel wire rope as traction medium to improve traction friction and reduce friction loss. Without additional lubricationt it makes running of the elevator quieter while further featuring more flexibility and durability.

  • Non-contactor control cabinet

    With thin-type non-contactor control cabinet especially developed for villa elevator, imported industrial safety relay is adopted to replace the traditional contactor to make the drive control noiseless.

  • Disc type brake

    Mute-type dis brake with large braking torque is used for the standard configured traction machine. Even when the elevator is started or braking, the noise is just about 45 decibels.

  • Aviation aluminum framework

    Aviation aluminum alloy material is used for lift car framework, which thus changes the clumsy steel plate structure of the traditional elevator, reduces the weight of lift car and heavy block.

  • Spacious space taste leisurely life

    Open space for your luxury villa To highlight your identity, even the lift car of elevator is no exception. With compact design adopted for Tenau villa elevator, it saves the using area of well by 15%-20% and could provide larger size of lift car in the same well. The maximum net height of lift car can reach 2200mm (roof height: 3m), which can bring you open space experience and make you go in and out more calmly.
    It can save the using area of welt at least by 15%
    The roof height can reach 3m

  • Green and noiseless design gives your healthy life

    The application of a series of intelligent technologies into Tenau villa not only brings you the comfort but also the health.

  • Aviation aluminum cellular board

    Changes the traditional steel plate lift car structure, thus it reduces the wind noises during operation and also absorbs the external noises.

  • 8 million- negative oxygen ion fan (optional)

    The anion it releases is equivalent to that released by a big tree with the height of 5m. In the meantime, it can sterilize, absorb methanol, removes peculiar smell & second-hand smoke and filters PM2.5 to make lift car filled with exceptional fresh air.

Diversified decoration

  • Your house, you decide.

    Tenau elevator provides with standard and completely customized rich lift car decorations and configuration to complete satisfy your individualized demands.

  • and equipment, high-ranking private customization

    Tenau villa elevator provides lift car of multiple styles such warm and elegant, simple. By matching with multiple materials including wooden facing, etching stainless steel, glass lift car and various colors, the rich configurations can be adapted to different decoration styles.If the existing equipment can not meet your requirements, Tenau villa elevator designers can even customize a perfect design plan to highly match your house style.

    Function Table

    • General Protection

      Closing time protection S
      Emergency lighting in the car S
      Overload warning (Caution light and buzzer) S
      The screen door protection device S
      Car roof and control cabinet emergency electric operatic S
      Fault automatic diagnosis S
      Alarm bell S
      Hitting the bottom buffer device S
      Outside door zone without opening door S
      Wave detection of grid voltage S
      Contactor feedback detection S
      Relay detection protection S
      Speed feedback detection S
      Fault low-speed self-rescue S
      Hb button embedded self-dtagnosis S
      Protection against reverse travel S
      Prevent slipping protection S
      Safety circuit protection S
      Limit protection S
      Upper and lower limit protection device S
      Door interlock protection S
      Operation contactor protection S
      Brake detection and protection S
      Manual brake release rescue S
      Machine room door switch S
      Driven equipment overheating protection (OUT) S
      Electric brake S
      Automate rescue device S
      Emergency power supply device operation S

    • Information Display

      Hall and car digital position indicator S
      Hall and car call/register S
      Hall and car running direction display S
      Running number display S
      Floor display character arbitrary setting S

    • Steady Running

      Return to base station without call S
      Full collective control S
      Independent service S
      Full-load direct running (LNS) S
      Automatic door switch S
      Pre-torque output S
      Upon etevator floor setting S
      Hoistway self-learning S
      End station for speed and floor number correction S
      Paring S

    • Passenger Comfortability

      Hall and car door setting time S
      Open and dose button S
      Automatic ventilation and lighting of automatic control in car S
      Hb calls door opening S
      Repeated closing door S
      Bypassed stop setting S
      Input port evaluation S
      Manually selected floor S
      Cancellation of wrong landing S
      Voice gnnouncement O
      Liquid display O

    • Security Monitoring

      Intercom from monitor room to machine room, car (Exclude machine roan wired to monitor room) S
      CCTV cable (From car to machine room) O
      Elevator remote control O
      Card reader O
      BA interface (Dry contact) O
      Community monitoring panel O
      Community computer monitoring O

    Enjoy Honor And Glory Alone

    • Omnibearing high quality service experience

      Like other means of transportation, you have to maintain your elevator regularly to ensure its best security and performance, Tenau elevator can provide you exclusive service through its worldwide marketing service network, and can meet all of your requirements of service and maintenance, All-day customer service will implement from the beginning of the product life period to the end.

    • Unified

      Global unified service standard and maintenance process, with more comprehensive inspection standard.

    • Exclusive

      Client's data file one to one, formulate exclusive maintenance plan.

    • Intelligent

      Tenau eye system remote monitoring elevator operation. Safety information is under control.

    • Full-time

      24-hour service team awaits orders and can make responses anytime to solve the customer's demands for the first time.

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