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Hospital Elevator

Hospital Elevator

Caring Considerate and unceasing caring Special functions for disabled, equal travel, harmonious space As we want the patients to truly feel the sweet hospital environment, we apply elegant, refreshing car design and lighting in car decoration according to the psychological and aesthetic principles of vast patients. It effectively relieves the patients' nervous anxieties etc.


  • Special functions for disabled, equal travel, harmonious space

    As we want the patients to truly feel the sweet hospital environment, we apply elegant, refreshing car design and lighting in car decoration according to psychological and aesthetic principle of vast patients. It effectively relieves the patients' nervous anxieties etc.

  • Anion anti-septic car technology (Optional)

    After elevator car door opens completely, it keeps opening. After time-delay, it automatically shuts the door. Therefore medical staff, especially patients can safely enter into exit from the elevator. For special needs, it can prolong time-delay door-closing time.

  • The advanced noise-reducing technology

    Control cabinet applies low noise design with special car noise-reducing tech. Well running components with super low frictional coefficient can effectively absorb the noise with different frequencies. It brings about peaceful and comfortable travel.


  • Safety anti-interference technology

    It applies data network control technology which is based upon CANBUS. It is effective in communication and large in data amount. Various sub-systems apply independent micro-processors. Two wirings are needed between various systems. It greatly enhances systematic safety, electro-magnetic anti-interference and flexibility. 

  • Precise and intellectual technology

    It applies elevator specia卜purpose variable voltage, variable frequency (VWF) drive control technology. It truly fulfills highly prompt, accurate elevator running control. No matter elevator speed is high or low, VWF speed regulation system can always preset the best speed curve according to ergonomics principle. It precisely adjusts motor rotating speed. It fulfills peaceful speed change in elevator start, running and stop. It offers good leveling accuracy. Even though certain part is damaged in variable frequency device, modular design structure reduces repair cost without changing the whole frequency changer.

  • Effective energy-saving technology

    Permanent magnet (PM) synchronous motor drive gearless traction machine greatly enhances systematic efficiency. It reduces energy loss. Meanwhile, it cuts down machine room noise. It better accords with environmental protection requirements. Low noise, low vibration characteristics combine with micro-computer network control vector variable frequency and speed regulation mode. It brings about a smoother and more peaceful elevator operation. It combines with an effective drive loop to increase efficiency and reduce loss. It prevents any pollution caused by possible gear grease permeation from traditional traction machine. It is more economical in operation. Optional energy feedback technology is based upon double PWM control technology. It can perfectly feedback regenerative energy to power grid. It thus saves a lot of energy. It controls inlet power, greatly reduces harmonic pollution to power supply. After optional energy feedback, elevator brake will apply current control. It largely lowers down noise in brake actuation.

  • Space saving, convenient repair

    It minimizes machine room. Machine room is the same as the well. It saves machine room area, enhances the building's utilization rate. Meanwhile, it reduces machine room’s outline affection to the building. Compared with machine room-less elevator, it is more secure and convenient in repairing traction machine, control cabinet, speed limiter etc. It applies variable voltage, variable frequency door machine without connecting rod. It adopts speed and current dual closed-loop control, it brings about the smoother door opening I closing. It is more convenient in repair.

Function Table

  • Control function

    VVVF drive S
    VVVF drive for door operator S
    Well and floor distance self-tuning S
    Power on re-leveling S
    Micro-touch button for car S
    Car arrival chime O
    Intelligent call service O
    Pre-opening O
    The second car operation panel O
    Remote monitoring and control O
    Special floor priority service O
    Non-service floor setting O
    Duplex control O
    Group supervision function O
    Rush hour service(for elevator group) O
    Lunch time service(for elevator group) O
    VIP service(for elevator group) O
    Continuity of service(for elevator group) O
    Automatic floor support(for elevator group) O

  • Information function

    Full collective selective control S
    Full-load bypass S
    Main floor shut off S
    Self diagnosis of breakdown S
    Five-way communication S
    Car alarm S
    Floor and direction indicator in the car S
    Floor and direction indicator at hall S
    Voice announcement O
    Car LCD display S
    Traffic flow management (for elevator group) O
    Decentralized standby O

  • Comfortable function

    Emergency car lighting S
    Car ventilation light automatically shut off S
    Repeated door closing S
    Automatically adjust door opening time S
    Reopen with hall call S
    Express door closing S
    Car stop and door open S

  • Safety function

    Light curtain
    Overload holding stop
    Traction-resistant rope sliding
    start protection control
    Inspection operation
    Inching operation
    Safely stop
    Delay closed
    Terminal forced deceleration protection
    Up/down limit and terminal protection
    Over speed protection device
    Up over speed protection
    Power failure emergency leveling device
    Fire emergency return
    Fireman running
    Energy feedback

Enjoy Honor And Glory Alone

Omnibearing high quality service experience

Global unified service standard and maintenance process, with more comprehensive inspection standard.


Like other means of transportation, you have to maintain your elevator regularly to ensure its security and performance, Tenau elevator can provide you exclusive service through its worldwide marketing service network, and can meet all of your requirements of service and maintenance, All-day customer service will implement from the beginning of the product life period to the end.


Client's data file one to one, formulate exclusive maintenance plan.


Tenau eye system remote monitoring elevator operation. Safety information is under control.


24-hour service team awaits orders and can make responses anytime to solve the customer's demands for the first time.


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