How is the elevator card system?


How about the elevator card system? This issue cannot b […]

How about the elevator card system? This issue cannot be generalized and should be analyzed according to your specific situation. Here is a brief introduction to the characteristics of the elevator card swipe system for your reference. Main features: All IC cards must be authorized by the system administrator or recharged before they can be used; you can set the IC card permissions as required (such as full-layer card or single-layer permission card, etc., unauthorized access) Other areas and floors outside the authority; when using the ladder, you need to use the card first, so that no card or unauthorized personnel can not enter and use the elevator, which can effectively save a lot of power loss; when the user swipes the call, the IC card in the car The internal call controller will only turn on the corresponding floor button according to the authorized floor information in the IC card, and pressing the other floor button is invalid. It can effectively prevent children from playing, playing, chasing and playing in the elevator, enhancing safety and facilitating management. If there is a charging requirement, the internal call controller will also deduct the amount in the IC card when the card is swiped; it has a loss reporting function to prevent the card from being illegally used after being picked up by the illegal user; The right to use the elevator can be cancelled or restored without notifying the owner; the system stores the relevant information (including the user card number, usage time, elevator code used, floor reached, etc.) when the elevator is successfully swiped. Information) for statistics, printing, archiving, and querying; B. The function of single charging can be implemented according to the needs of management. Single charge function (This function is similar to the bus IC card system. When the card is swiped, the single charge is deducted immediately, and the account is recharged first). At present, the principle of elevator charging is mostly the households' equal sharing. Therefore, most of the owners' opinions suggest that moreVilla Elevators manufacture fees should be used and less fees should be paid less. The residents of the initial floor do not use the elevator. If they do not purchase the card, they do not have to pay the elevator usage fee, but they must pay the basic fee (annual inspection fee plus maintenance fee, etc.). For other floors, the sub-floor breakdown fee can also be implemented. The elevator fee should be charged different fees according to the floor. However, the housing management department said that this practice is currently very difficult in practice. The application of Keshentong IC card elevator card charging and management system can easily solve this problem. At this time, the property company can charge according to the specific situation, layer by layer, time-based, and on time. It is fair and reasonable to use one card and pay the fee first. Want to know more about the elevator credit card system, you can consult Taizhou Fusenyu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., thank you!

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