Electrical materials for electrical enclosure


For the frame structure, the elevator shaft can be made […]

For the frame structure, the elevator shaft can be made of lightweight materials such as hollow blocks, and reinforced concrete ring beams are arranged at the rail fixingEscalator manufacture frame of the elevator; the elevator shaft of the shear wall structure generally adopts reinforced concrete walls; the elevator of the masonry structure The hoistway is naturally made of solid bricks.
Elevator well sound absorbing panels are specially designed for elevator shafts and machine rooms. The core materials are yellow glass wool fibers. Centrifugal glass wool is an acoustic material that has been widely used in the world for a long time. It has been proven to have excellent sound absorption. Performance, and excellent fire performance, the surface of the composite sound absorption particles. The main function is to enhance the sound absorption effect and make it easier to install. The shape of the sound absorbing panel of the elevator shaft is concaveFreight Lifts and convex. This special structure increases the effective sound absorption area and changes the reflection effect of the sound. The noise reduction coefficient NRC=0.75 is mainly applied to the elevator shaft, elevator machine room, air conditioner room, etc. Sound absorption and noise reduction in various specific structures. And it is non-toxic and harmless, and it is a real green sound-absorbing decorative board.

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