Elevating freight elevator instead of electric hoist


As everyone knows, the electric hoist simple elevator i […]

As everyone knows, the electric hoist simple elevator is a simple freight elevator that we have used and installed in many workshops and factories a long time ago. Because of its easy installation and low cost, it has been loved by many users, especially in all small factories with two or three floors. , Especially for rented factories to install this. Electric hoist is a kind of lifting equipment. Generally, it will be installed on the gantry to lift Escalator manufacturersgoods. There is no problem with such use. However, a hanging basket was made on this basis and equipped with guide rails. It is not safe to use as a freight elevator, and it does not meet the requirements of the national safety supervision department.

This kind of soil cargo elevator is composed of electric hoist, self-made track and hanging cage. The manufacturing process is very simple, without any effective protection measures, and the track is rusty, posing a serious safety hazard. Although there are great hidden dangers, because of the low cost, most companies are still willing to install them instead of regular freight elevators. At present, most of the steel structure workshops with four or lower floors in the country will choose to install hydraulic lift freight elevators. The hydraulic lift platform solves the safety problems of electric hoists. The safety performance is good. The national quality inspection department also allows installation. Economical and practical.
The rail-mounted freight elevator has unique advantages. The editor of Zhongding summarizes the following points:
1. The lifting height of the freight elevator is higher: the guide rail lift is higher than the scissor lift, which can reach about 30 meters;
2. Low failure rate: advanced hydraulic system and excellent control method, the failure rate of guide rail elevator operation can be adjusted to the lowest;
3. Strong application performance: The guide rail elevator can be used in places where pits cannot be excavated, and places where the top height cannot meet the requirements, etc., which are difficult to solve in narrow spaces;
4. Sturdy structure, large carrying capacity, stable lifting, easy installation and maintenance;
5. The cost is low, the civil construction cost of the guide rail elevator is very low, and the cost performance is high. It is an economical and practical low-floor replacement elevator ideal cargo conveying equipment;
6. Low power consumption. When the hydraulic elevator is going down, it is driven by its own pressure, which greatly saves energy.

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