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Has an elevator ride changed your life?

Has an elevator ride changed your life?

I cannot say that an elevator ride has changed my life per se - but I can definitely say it has changed some perspective in my life, and here is how.Panoramic elevators Company

I was born and have lived in London all my life. In 1992 I had the pleasure of visiting New York along with my husband and my then 13 year old daughter. We stayed in Queens and visited the city nearly every day for our two week stay. We enjoyed every minute of our stay in New York. The atmosphere and the friendliness we found was to be commended.

What has always stuck in my mind, however, was the day we decided we would visit the twin towers. And even after all these years my husband and I still talk about the experience. My husband is a great joker - not always funny I have to say although he thinks he is. I have managed to put up with it for 42 years so it cannot bad I guess. So as we stood in the queue to purchase our tickets to ride the elevator to the scenic views at the top of the tower, he said to the counter clerk, “can I have just a one way for my wife?”

I remember it as yesterday. We enjoyed the amazing lift ride which was quicker than anything I have experienced in the UK. We enjoyed the panoramic views of the great city of New York. We went to the restaurant and laughingly had 1 portion of chicken and chips between the 3 of us, marvelling at your US food portions as compared to the UK. And then we came down - yes all three of us - and carried on with our tour.

And what has made this innocent and enjoyable elevator ride all the more poignant and significant is, of course, 9/11.

When I first witnessed this unfold on television, I like many, thought it was just a most terrible accident. Of course when the second plane went in - we knew the truth of it - unpalatable as it was.

I, like we all did in the UK, grieved for our American friends on what was a most tragic day in the eyes of the world. Man’s inhumanity to man had showed its ugly face, and the consequences were unpalatable. 2,996 innocent people lost their lives on that day in the most horrific circumstances imaginable. 6000 others injured. Scores of families are still trying to comprehend their loss and trying to live a normal life in a world where normal sometimes just not come into it.

I think about that elevator ride often. I think about all the people who used to ride the trade centre elevators on a daily basis. Getting to their offices to graft out a living. All making a valid contribution within their lives and to others. I think about the fireman and the police and other innocent people who actually gave their lives up on that day to help others.

I think about the fact that as much as there are those whose inhumanity to man goes beyond the bounds of reason or understanding, there are many more who have generosity of spirit and love for their fellow man in absolute huge proportions. That is the comforting thought I try to remain with.

Who would have thought that one elevator ride could bring about so much soul searching and contemplation? The towers may be long gone but the tower of human strength is every enduring and will continue to survive through adversity.

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