The summer vacation is approaching again, and how students


The summer vacation is approaching again, and how stude […]

The summer vacation is approaching again, and how students can safely take the elevator is also the focus of the safety production month. On the morning of June 21, Wuxi Yinglongqiao Street Safety Supervision Office, Liangxi District Market Supervision Yinglongqiao Branch, Nanchang Fire Brigade, Xishan New Village Community, Tongdeqiao Primary School and Wuxi Yiting Property Management Co., Ltd. A campaign on the theme “What to do in the face of emergencies” was launched, which was welcomed by the participating children. Some emergency treatment methods enhanced their self-help and disposal capabilities.

“Classmates! When the elevator is in the elevator, the elevator suddenly becomes trapped and trapped. What should we do?” One listened to the safety question about the elevator Elevator supplier . One student rushed and said, “Press the alarm bell!” Other students also said that They all know that the alarm bell is on the elevator floor button. However, the short students are a little anxious, and they can't reach the alarm bell. In this regard, Liang Yibin Market Supervision Yinglongqiao Branch Jiang Yibin told the students on the spot: you can force the elevator door and call for help outside the door. The general property is equipped with monitoring in the elevator. If someone sees someone calling for help, they will arrive in time without having to be too alarmed.

And if you hit the elevator when you take the elevator, the posture of the body is also very important. "The legs are bent, the hands are holding the head, the back and buttocks are straight and close to the elevator to prevent the sudden drop of the elevator causing damage to the cervical vertebrae and joints." Seeing Jiang Yibin's demonstration posture, the students quickly learned. “When I walk out of the elevator, I am often afraid of being caught by the door. What should I do?” one of the classmates asked curiously. In this regard, Jiang Yibin told the children that when taking the elevator, they must wait for the elevator to stop and come out again. If the person has not entered the elevator, the elevator door will be closed, and the door can be touched by hand. "The elevator door generally has a sensing function. It will automatically retract when you touch it."

According to relevant sources, the on-site drills enabled the students to use the scene simulation to feel that they should use the correct method to call for help when the elevator was trapped, instead of “suggesting themselves”. Editor: Wang Yuxi

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