It is 108 floors above ground, 7 floors underground


It is 108 floors above ground, 7 floors underground, an […]

It is 108 floors above ground, 7 floors underground, and 528 meters above ground. It is located in the CBD of Beijing CBD (Business Center), which has set a new high in Beijing skyscrapers and become a new landmark in Beijing.

Such a tall building has strict technical requirements for elevators, especially high-speed elevators. Not only that, China Zun started construction in December 2014 (the aboveground part), and announced the completion of the structural structure in advance in September this year. The commissioning time will be 31 months ahead of Elevator manufacturersthe original plan, which is also inseparable from the elevator technology innovation. Help.

Recently, the reporter of "Journal of Chinese Academy of Sciences" visited the "Kongli Elevator" of the elevator technology solution provider of "China Zun" and unveiled the veil of "Beijing's first high" elevator technology.

In the construction of high-rise buildings, workers need to spend hours walking through different floors every day. With traditional building construction ladders, vertical transportation of people and goods is a bottleneck in the construction process. In this regard, Tang Xiaobing, senior vice president of KONE's frontline new equipment business operations, said that the KONE JumpLift construction used by China Zun during the construction period used a “rise elevator” with a maximum speed of 6 m/s – this speed is 4~6 times of the traditional construction ladder can double the elevator transportation efficiency during the construction period. The JumpLift elevator installed in the core tube of the building will not be affected by the weather and can be operated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The use of the JumpLift jump elevator has greatly shortened the construction period of China's respect.

In addition, JumpLift is also a combination of Linyong China most popular elevator company elevator. After the overall structure of the building is capped, the elevator will be replaced with a “new installation” and it will be transformed into a formal elevator. KONE's official video said that as the Lin Yong combined with the tier elevator, the JumpLift has a height of 514 meters and is currently the highest level in the world.

According to the design, China Respect can accommodate 12,000 people at the same time. Taking 8 elevators per person per day, the total number of 139 electric and step ladders running in China will reach nearly 100,000 times a day. In addition, the use environment of high-speed elevators is extremely strict, and the high-frequency operation poses a severe challenge to the durability of the elevator.

Faced with this problem, KONE elevators have given solutions from the perspective of material technology innovation. Sascha Brozek, senior vice president of KONE Global Key Projects, said that the "UltraRope carbon fiber belt" of the elevator traction rope in the China Zun Building is made of ultra-light carbon fiber core and unique high friction coefficient coating. Compared with traditional steel wire rope, the quality is better. Lighter, better traction and longer life.

Take the elevator with 24 passengers as an example. The elevator car with traditional wire rope traction has a total weight of moving parts of about 27 tons. The UltraRope carbon fiber belt has a lightweight feature that responds. Sascha Brozek said that when the elevator travels up to 500 meters, the UltraRope carbon fiber belt can reduce the weight of the elevator by 60% and the energy consumption by 15%; when the elevator travels up to 800 meters, the weight of the elevator can be reduced by 90%, and the energy consumption can be reduced. Save 45%. In addition, the UltraRope carbon fiber belt is greatly reduced in sensitivity to the building, which greatly reduces the number of stops caused.

The reporter learned that the Finland-based KONE elevator is one of the largest elevator companies in the world. Founded in 1910, it is a 100-year-old industrial engineering company. KONE’s President and CEO Han Ruilong said at the “Kongli Innovation Technology Application and Verification Conference” that KONE has provided passenger flow solutions for the world’s most famous buildings and urban complexes, such as the world’s tallest building, Jeddah, Dubai Princess. Tower, London Shard Building, etc.

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