The elevator suddenly "falls", what should I do?


The elevator suddenly "falls", what should I do? Don't […]

The elevator suddenly "falls", what should I do? Don't panic, that's it's "self-protection"

Don't panic when the elevator "falls down", it is self-protection. The official microblog of Nanjing Quality Supervision Bureau released the 93633 elevator emergency disposal center on September 22, and the special equipment experts specially reminded the public that the elevator will start the correct operation when the fault occurs, from the level at which the fault occurred to the safe speed. Returning directly to the base station location (usually one floor), many riders mistakenly think that the elevator is "falling". Correspondent Zhang Yan Yangzi Evening News / Yangyan reporter Xue Ling

The elevator has a variety of safety devices

"Falling" is actually the elevator correction operation

As Nanjing entered the autumn season, the elevator trapped people's faults also declined. The 96333 elevator emergency disposal center received a total of 695 elevator traps in September, and rescued 955 trapped people, down 14.1% from August. Judging from the cause of elevator failure, a total of 218 people were involved in power shortagesElevator suppliers  due to power outages, elevator parts and other external factors in September, accounting for 31.4% of the rate of people living in the month; life (renovation) garbage jammen and other human causes There were 192 faults in the elevator, which accounted for 16.1% of the rate of people trapped in the month.

During the process of picking up the emergency rescue center of the 96333 elevator in Nanjing, there was an alarm that the elevator suddenly “falls down” and appears to be very nervous and anxious. According to the elevator expert, the elevator design has various safety guarantee devices. For example, the wire rope of the traction elevatorSafe Elevators Manufacturers  car is composed of a plurality of wires, and generally no multiple wire ropes are broken at the same time. In addition, the elevator design has a "speed limiter - safety clamp" linkage protection device. If the wire rope breaks or the elevator is rapidly descending due to the failure of the control system, the elevator speed limiter will immediately detect the elevator overspeed behavior, trigger the elevator safety gear, and lift the elevator. The car is parked on the elevator rails in an emergency.

So why do passengers feel that the elevator is "falling"? Experts said that the elevator is controlled by the microcomputer system. By setting multiple fault monitoring points to detect the on/off state of the elevator circuit, if the signal of a certain monitoring point is abnormal, such as abnormal power supply, the position sensor signal is abnormal, the ground is slippery. If the foreign object in the road blocks the elevator door, the door is blocked for a long time, the door is wrong, etc., the control system will determine that there is a fault, the elevator will stop normal operation, start the correction operation, from the layer where the fault occurred. The safe speed returns directly to the base station location (usually a layer). After the elevator stops at the base station, it usually opens automatically, or presses the door open button to open the door. At the same time, the control system performs fault self-diagnosis to determine the fault size and whether it has the re-running condition. This is actually a self-protection function of the elevator, but since the elevator's self-protection behavior does not run to the passenger's destination floor, it is easy for the passenger to mistake the elevator for "falling".

These situations may also trigger the "falling" illusion

●If the passenger enters the elevator, the elevator traction wire rope has elasticity. As the passengers in the car gradually increase, the wire rope may be slightly sunk due to the elevator car load, which may form a certain height with the elevator hall door. difference.

● Due to the debugging error of the elevator load measuring device, the passenger will feel a falling feeling when the elevator starts.

● Some elevators have excessive acceleration on the downside of the elevator. When the elevator starts, it will have a strong sense of weight loss. As the elevator accelerates to the rated speed, the weight loss caused by the acceleration will disappear.

● After the passenger enters the elevator, they forget to press the floor button because they chat with each other. At this time, if someone calls the elevator outside, the elevator may also cause the passenger to mistakenly think that the elevator is falling.

■Reminder, please do not forget to dial 96633

In either case, if the passenger finds that the elevator is "falling", please keep calm, don't panic, wait for the elevator to stop running. If trapped in the elevator car, you can use the emergency alarm device to alert the user on duty according to the prompt in the car, call the elevator maintenance unit emergency rescue phone, or contact the 96333 emergency response phone. The maintenance rescue personnel will be in the first I went to the rescue for a while.

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